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2016-02-08* Removed enc/unicode/casefold.h from automatic build becauseduerst
2016-02-07* Added two more precondition files for enc/unicode/casefold.hduerst
2016-02-07* using new option in recipe for enc/unicode/casefold.hduerst
2016-02-07git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98...duerst
2016-02-04end of UNICODE_FILESnobu
2016-02-04* Added Unicode data file SpecialCasing.txt to be additionallyduerst
2016-02-04* Introduce two variables (UNICODE_DATA_DIR andduerst update-bundled_gemsnobu dependency of ripper.cnobu
2016-01-25revert r53618 partiallynobu
2016-01-24* Simplifying Unicode data file download logic to makeduerst
2016-01-23* revert r53633. It broke rubyci and travis.hsbt
2016-01-23git-svn-id: svn+ssh:// b2dd03c8-39d4-4d8f-98...duerst source dependency for nmakenobu probes.dmyh for nmakenobu
2016-01-22vm_core.h: use RUBY_ASSERTnobu
2016-01-22RUBY_ASSERTnobu update-config_files is backnobu
2016-01-20*, update-config.files is only for Unixusa
2016-01-19* Added Unicode data file CaseFolding.txt to be additionallyduerst
2016-01-19make-snapshot: download firstnobu fix dependencynobu update-remotenobu UPDATE_LIBRARIES to yesnobu get rid of repeating same namesnobu
2016-01-16* test-sample was changed to test-basic.hsbt
2016-01-15Revert "* test-sample was changed to test-basic."naruse
2016-01-15* test-sample was changed to test-basic.hsbt
2016-01-13try sudo:false on travisnaruse
2016-01-12* update URL and name for the Ruby spec suite.eregon
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-09Revert r53482 "nmake VPATH"naruse
2016-01-09nmake VPATHnobu
2016-01-09probes.h including dummy headernobu
2016-01-09revert r53459, r53427, r53314nobu double quotesnobu generate socket constdefsnobu up in helpnobu
2016-01-03acinclude.m4: renamenobu
2015-12-30* (help): Fix typo.eregon
2015-12-25program version from API versionnobu
2015-12-25setup.mak: split release datenobu
2015-12-24* (fake.rb): $(arch)-fake.rb must depend miniruby becausenaruse
2015-12-24* (ripper.c): r50045 wrongly replace $(PWD) with ../..naruse help of exam [ci skip]nobu more optsnobu
2015-12-12add insight about parallel test-allnaruse add dependenciesnobu
2015-12-09Revert r52995nobu
2015-12-09use atomic operationsnobu