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2018-02-04mjit_compile.c: merge initial JIT compilerk0kubun
2017-08-20non-keywords hashnobu
2017-08-19class.c: check kw hashnobu
2017-08-19class.c: call rb_hash_keys directlynobu
2017-06-29remove unused rb_obj_basic_to_s_p functionnormal
2017-03-25class.c: prohibit refinement modulenobu
2017-03-25class.c: ensure_includablenobu
2017-01-18class.c: non-keyword hash classnobu
2016-12-04class.c: missing unknown_keyword_errornobu
2016-11-12class.c: no fstring singleton classnobu
2016-11-12class.c: trivial optimizationnobu
2016-10-24class.c: rb_undef_methods_fromnobu
2016-10-09replace Fixnum with Integer in rdoc [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-12Copy the serial number from the super class to the singleton classtenderlove
2016-09-07class.c: instance method conditionsnobu
2016-07-23internal.h: inline Check_Typenobu
2016-06-16prevent rb_cObject from GCnobu
2016-05-25* class.c (rb_define_class): Fix documentation.eregon
2016-05-25class.c: simplifynobu
2016-05-22* class.c (rb_scan_args): moved to bottom of the file to make thenaruse
2016-05-21Revert r50102naruse
2016-05-21* include/ruby/ruby.h (rb_scan_args): use __VA_ARGS__ instead ofnaruse
2016-03-07class.c: err if superclass is 0nobu
2016-01-12resolve class name earlier and more consistentlynormal
2015-12-29use id_table for constant tablesnormal
2015-12-22gc.c: do not expose internal singleton classnobu
2015-12-21revert r53228 because this patch breaks rubyspecko1
2015-12-21* gc.c (internal_object_p): should not expose singleton classesko1
2015-11-04* class.c: fix documentation for rb_define_class{_id}_under.hsbt
2015-10-30variable.c: rb_class_ivar_setnobu
2015-10-30variable.c (rb_st_insert_id_and_value): reduce argsnormal
2015-09-27class.c: refine error messagesnobu
2015-08-31* class.c (move_refined_method): should insert a write barrierko1
2015-08-12* class.c (move_refined_method): same as the last commit.ko1
2015-08-12* class.c, gc.c vm.c: use ID_TABLE_* instead of ST_*ko1
2015-08-12* id_table.h: introduce ID key table.ko1
2015-07-21* make rb_iseq_t T_IMEMO object (type is imemo_iseq).ko1
2015-07-07* iseq.c, internal.h (rb_iseq_clone): removed because we don't need toko1
2015-07-03* method.h: introduce rb_callable_method_entry_t to removeko1
2015-06-30move RB_GC_GUARD responsibility to rb_add_method_iseqnormal
2015-06-28class.c: preserve encodingnobu
2015-06-28class.c: TypeError when superclass mismatchnobu
2015-06-18* method.h: constify rb_method_alias_struct::original_me andko1
2015-06-06* method.h: back to share rb_method_definition_t byko1
2015-06-06* class.c: ins_methods_push() needs rb_method_visibility_t type onko1
2015-06-06* class.c (ins_methods_push): Change type and name of parametersko1
2015-06-06class.c: suppress a warningnobu
2015-06-05* class.c (ins_methods_push): change 3rd parameter's typeko1
2015-06-04* method.h: constify rb_method_refined_t::orig_me.ko1
2015-06-03* method.h: introduce rb_method_refined_t for refined method entry.ko1