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2018-09-04bootstraptest update test_io.rb [Bug #15060] [Fix GH-1495]nobu
2018-07-30bootstraptest/runner.rb: speed up assert_finish with (take #2)normal
2018-07-06Fix a bug of peephole optimizationmame
2018-06-29improve C0 coverage of insns.defshyouhei
2018-06-29rethrow the caught exception as-isnobu
2018-06-27tests: increase timeouts and speedup some slow testsnormal
2018-06-27Revert "bootstraptest/runner: speed up assert_finish by avoiding sleep"mame
2018-06-26bootstraptest/runner: speed up assert_finish by avoiding sleepnormal
2018-02-20error.c: bypass Exception.newnobu
2018-01-09bootstraptest/test_fork.rb: Stop too restrict NPROC test temporarilymame
2017-12-28`$SAFE` as a process global state. [Feature #14250]ko1
2017-11-06show the location at intterruptedko1
2017-10-23Drop to support NaCl platform.hsbt
2017-06-21bootstraptest/runner.rb: keyword argumentnobu
2017-05-27bootstraptest/test_insns.rb: Fix typok0kubun
2017-04-06Rename RbConfig::Limits as RbConfig::LIMITSnobu
2017-03-28fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2017-03-28Update assertion message [ci skip]kazu
2017-03-10compile.c: apply opt_str_freeze to String#-@ (uminus)normal
2017-01-30make FIXNUM_MAX visible from Rubyshyouhei
2017-01-23improve C0 coverage of insns.def from 65.9% to 96.1%shyouhei
2016-10-11`\s` includes `\t`kazu
2016-10-11bootstraptest/runner.rb: first line in the sourcenobu
2016-08-30Use qualified namesnobu
2016-08-07suppress warningsnobu
2016-06-28bootstraptest/runner.rb may run on older rubynobu
2016-05-17Use Integer instead of Fixnum and Bignum.akr
2016-05-17fix alignmentkazu
2016-05-17[Feature #12005] Unify Fixnum and Bignum into Integerakr
2016-04-06btest: resource limitnobu
2015-12-14* bootstraptest/runner.rb: use safe navigation operator.hsbt
2015-11-10* bootstraptest/test_fork.rb ([ruby-dev:37934]): :NPROC (RLIMIT_NPROC)ngoto
2015-10-24relax error message formatnobu
2015-06-18* bootstraptest/test_method.rb: remove a test because $SAFE=2 wasko1
2015-06-17* include/ruby/ruby.h: $SAFE=3 is now obsolete.hsbt
2015-05-17default colorsnobu
2015-05-17reset colorsnobu
2015-02-13* string.c (str_discard): does not free for STR_NOFREE string.mame
2015-01-29parse.y: condition nodenobu
2015-01-23vm_insnhelper.c: break from nested rescuenobu
2014-10-07normalize reference to Timeout::Errornormal
2014-09-21wait until the thread is stopped.akr
2014-06-28test_fork.rb: wait signalsnobu
2014-06-21Remove trailing white spaces.akr
2014-06-20Don't erase for verbose mode.akr
2014-06-10bootstraptest/runner.rb: refine outputnobu
2014-06-08Show the epapsed time for failed test as well.akr
2014-06-08test_thread.rb: remove garbagenobu
2014-06-07bootstraptest/test_{fork,io,thread}.rb: reduce sleep timesnobu
2014-06-07runner.rb: elapsed timesnobu