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2009-08-23* bootstraptest/runner.rb (Dir.mktmpdir): updated to latest.akr
2009-08-05* bootstraptest/test_exception.rb: test for [ruby-core:24767].nobu
2009-08-03* bootstraptest/runner.rb: forgot shebang line.nobu
2009-08-03* bootstraptest/runner.rb: got rid of using /bin/sh.nobu
2009-08-02* bootstraptest/runner.rb: made executable.nobu
2009-08-02* parse.y (literal_concat0): tail can be nil. [ruby-dev:38980]nobu
2009-07-30* parse.y (literal_concat_gen): NODE_DSTR was incorrectly handled asmame
2009-07-30* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix stack consistency error.mame
2009-07-21* bootstraptest/test_io.rb: block write may block for long time.matz
2009-06-22fix tests for load_path.akr
2009-06-07* thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread): print fatal errorko1
2009-05-15* variable.c (rb_autoload_load): checks if iv_tbl is valid.nobu
2009-04-26* bootstraptest/test_io.rb: test for [ruby-dev:38131].nobu
2009-02-27* file.c (file_load_ok): checks if regular file. [ruby-dev:38097]nobu
2009-02-26* test_fork.rb: no need to test if fork(2) is not implemented.usa
2009-02-26* test_thread.rb: broken test.usa
2009-02-23* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: fix for environment where fork is notmame
2009-02-23* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): unlock all locked mutexes even whenmame
2009-02-22* vm_eval.c (method_missing): should not pop cfp if missing methodnobu
2009-02-18* bootstraptest/runner.rb: Use RUBY_DESCRIPTION if defined.knu
2009-02-18* bootstraptest/test_fork.rb: test for [ruby-core:22158]nobu
2009-02-16* compile.c: fix to add "ensure" codes across "while" clauseko1
2009-02-12* insns.def (defineclass): try to autoload const to be overridden.nobu
2009-02-04* bootstraptest/runner.rb: refine success message.akr
2009-02-02reduce test time.akr
2009-01-31* variable.c (rb_const_get_0), vm_insnhelper.c (vm_get_ev_const):nobu
2009-01-15* vm.c (rb_vm_inc_const_missing_count, ruby_vm_const_missing_count):ko1
2009-01-02* bootstraptest/test_proc.rb: suppress error message.mame
2008-12-27* eval.c (get_errinfo): return th->errinfo valueko1
2008-12-27* vm.c (Init_VM): create and define TOPLEVEL_BINDING at first.ko1
2008-12-25* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_method_search): return rb_cObject if there is noko1
2008-12-25* proc.c (proc_new): should use proc_dup() if block has Proc.ko1
2008-12-24* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): use class of method definedko1
2008-12-15* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_callee_setup_arg_complex): uses cfp fromnobu
2008-12-04* load.c (rb_get_load_path): returns the load path withoutnobu
2008-10-28 * bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: ignore some exceptions.usa
2008-10-21* parse.y (arg_concat_gen): concat target node should be NODE_ARRAY.ko1
2008-08-31* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: add a test.ko1
2008-08-29* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): copy arguments to allocatedko1
2008-08-28 * bootstraptest/test_io.rb: no need to create real file.usa
2008-08-06* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): self-referencing finalizersnobu
2008-07-27* bootstraptests/method.rb: increase RLIMIT_STACK size to 4M+8Kbytesnaruse
2008-07-11* io.c (rb_io_wait_readable, rb_io_wait_writable): check if the filenobu
2008-07-10add ML ref.akr
2008-07-10* vm_core.h (rb_thread_t), vm.c (rb_thread_mark), process.cnobu
2008-06-19* string.c (str_gsub): should preserve last successful matchmatz
2008-06-19* KNOWNBUGS.rb, bootstraptest/pending.rb: move a bug (?) to pending.ko1
2008-06-19* proc.c (proc_new): fix to return Proc object if block is alreadyko1
2008-06-19* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_throw): fix "return" process from "lambda".ko1
2008-06-17* KNOWNBUGS.rb, bootstraptest/pending.rb: move pending bug.ko1