path: root/bootstraptest/test_thread.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-04-27* insns.def (onceinlinecache): add exclusion control for a regionmame
2010-04-22* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: fix test. [Bug #2342]mame
2009-12-11* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: please please please remember that there areusa
2009-12-10* thread_pthread.c (native_mutex_reinitialize_atfork): release andnobu
2009-11-24* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: propagate the exception within a thread tousa
2009-11-19* test_thread.rb: DO NOT USE FORK WITHOUT RESCUE.usa
2009-11-18* thread.c (rb_thread_atfork_internal): reinitialize global locknobu
2009-11-15* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): delete locking_mutex when threadmame
2009-09-11* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: just check for normal exit.nobu
2009-06-22fix tests for load_path.akr
2009-02-26* test_thread.rb: broken test.usa
2009-02-23* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: fix for environment where fork is notmame
2009-02-23* thread.c (thread_cleanup_func): unlock all locked mutexes even whenmame
2008-10-28 * bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: ignore some exceptions.usa
2008-08-31* bootstraptest/test_thread.rb: add a test.ko1
2008-07-10add ML ref.akr
2008-07-10* vm_core.h (rb_thread_t), vm.c (rb_thread_mark), process.cnobu
2008-06-12* thread.c, vm_core.h, vm.c, thread_pthread.c, thread_win32.c: addmame
2008-06-10* vm.c, eval_intern.h (PASS_PASSED_BLOCK):ko1
2008-05-19* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: move solved tests.ko1
2008-05-08* thread.c (rb_gc_save_machine_context): call FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWSakr
2008-04-22* thread.c (rb_thread_stop_timer_thread): should clearmatz
2008-04-22* thread.c (thread_join): remove the current thread from the join listnobu
2008-01-25* compile.c, compile.h: fix stack pointer issues.ko1
2008-01-23* bootstraptest/test_{knownbug,thread}.rb: support fork-less platform.usa
2008-01-18* thread.c (thread_create_core): set thread group before creatingnobu
2008-01-14* thread.c: clear thread structure.ko1
2007-12-25* vm_core.h, thread.c, cont.c: add RUBY_VM_SET_INTERRUPT(),ko1
2007-12-09* parse.y (parser_yylex): wrong token was generated. [ruby-dev:32498]matz
2007-08-12* thread.c (rb_thread_raise): check if target thread isko1
2007-06-27* bootstraptest/runner.rb: fix to show file name.ko1