path: root/bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2007-12-31* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: more portable waymatz
2007-12-31* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: shut up syntax errormatz
2007-12-31* string.c (rb_str_resize): embeds if ptr is null. [ruby-dev:32819]nobu
2007-12-30 * bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: support DOSISH.usa
2007-12-29add tests.akr
2007-12-25* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix stack consistency errorko1
2007-12-25* io.c (appendline): move RS comparison to rb_io_getline_1().matz
2007-12-25add tests reported by Yusuke ENDOH.akr
2007-12-25add a test.akr
2007-12-24* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb, test_literal.rb: move fixed test.ko1
2007-12-24add a test.akr
2007-12-24* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add a "pop" insn after breakko1
2007-12-24add a test for [ruby-core:14385] reported by Frederick Cheung.akr
2007-12-24* load.c (rb_feature_p): returns loading path name too.nobu
2007-12-23move the test for [ruby-core:14288].akr
2007-12-23add a test for [ruby-dev:32048].akr
2007-12-23* string.c (sym_call): use exact argument array interface.nobu
2007-12-23add a test for [ruby-core:14288].akr
2007-12-23add a test for [ruby-core:14279].akr
2007-12-21* io.c: write() should be in blocking region.ko1
2007-12-21* bootstraptest/featurebug.rb: added.ko1
2007-12-21* thread.c (rb_thread_atfork): fix to mark thread object.ko1
2007-12-21add test for [ruby-dev:32566].akr
2007-12-20*, vm.c, vm_core.h: change interface ofko1
2007-12-19* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add pop after throw as return.ko1
2007-12-19* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb, test_block.rb:ko1
2007-12-19* eval.c (errinfo_place): skip if error is Fixnum. [ruby-dev:32608]ko1
2007-12-18* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix for segfault. [ruby-dev:31372]nobu
2007-12-18* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add issues.ko1
2007-12-18more tests.akr
2007-12-17more tests.akr
2007-12-17* string.c (rb_str_index): check if substring is broken.matz
2007-12-16more tests.akr
2007-12-15add test for [ruby-dev:32608].akr
2007-12-15use Enumerator for reproduce [ruby-dev:32604].akr
2007-12-14add test for [ruby-dev:32604].akr
2007-12-13* string.c (rb_str_succ): should not enter infinite loop formatz
2007-12-13* string.c (str_gsub): should copy encoding to the result.matz
2007-12-13add test for [ruby-dev:32567].akr
2007-12-10"// =~ :a" abort.akr
2007-12-09* string.c (tr_find): returns true if no characters to be removed isnobu
2007-12-09* string.c (tr_trans): get rid of segfaults when has mulitbytes butnobu
2007-12-09fix added test.akr
2007-12-09more tests.akr
2007-12-09more tests.akr
2007-12-08fix previous commit.akr
2007-12-08add a test for casecmp with sjis string.akr
2007-12-08add a test for concatinating euc-jp and ascii-8bit string.akr
2007-12-07add test for [ruby-dev:32452].akr
2007-12-06reproduce segv.akr