path: root/bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-04-27add a test for [ruby-dev:34492].akr
2008-04-22* thread.c (rb_thread_stop_timer_thread): should clearmatz
2008-04-22exec "/" causes SEGV.akr
2008-04-14bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: wrong conditionmatz
2008-04-12bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add testsmatz
2008-04-07* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add a known-bug.ko1
2008-03-25* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add tests. [ruby-dev:34128]mame
2008-03-05add a test.akr
2008-03-01bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: add testmatz
2008-03-01* eval_method.c (rb_get_method_body): ent->method may be freed bymatz
2008-02-29* parse.y (opt_block_param): command can start just after block paramnobu
2008-02-28* encoding.c (enc_find): check type of argument and convert to Stringnaruse
2008-02-28add a test.akr
2008-02-21* io.c (argf_set_encoding): uses current_file after check for nextnobu
2008-02-20 * io.c (open_key_args): set arg->io even if no options passed.usa
2008-02-18add a test.akr
2008-02-16add a test for [ruby-dev:33807]akr
2008-02-16add a test.akr
2008-02-15add a test.akr
2008-02-14add a test for [ruby-dev:33072].akr
2008-01-25* compile.c, compile.h: fix stack pointer issues.ko1
2008-01-24The [ruby-dev:32746] problem is re-introduced. akr
2008-01-23* insns.def (expandarray): fix stack inc.mame
2008-01-23* bootstraptest/test_{knownbug,thread}.rb: support fork-less platform.usa
2008-01-17* bootstraptest/runner.rb (assert_valid_syntax): added.nobu
2008-01-17* bootstraptest/test_attr.rb: moved test for [ruby-core:14641].nobu
2008-01-14update last test.akr
2008-01-14* bootstraptest/runner.rb: add "flunk" method.ko1
2008-01-14fix a test.akr
2008-01-12add a test.akr
2008-01-07* string.c (Init_String): sym_match arity spec was wrong. a patchmatz
2008-01-07add test_knownbug [ruby-core:14813]matz
2008-01-07add test_knowbug [ruby-core:14813]matz
2008-01-07add test_knonbugmatz
2008-01-05add a comment.akr
2008-01-03Added known bug from ruby-core:14537ryan
2008-01-03* bootstraptest/test_eval.rb, test_knownbug.rb: move a fixed test.ko1
2007-12-31* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: more portable waymatz
2007-12-31* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: shut up syntax errormatz
2007-12-31* string.c (rb_str_resize): embeds if ptr is null. [ruby-dev:32819]nobu
2007-12-30 * bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb: support DOSISH.usa
2007-12-29add tests.akr
2007-12-25* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): fix stack consistency errorko1
2007-12-25* io.c (appendline): move RS comparison to rb_io_getline_1().matz
2007-12-25add tests reported by Yusuke ENDOH.akr
2007-12-25add a test.akr
2007-12-24* bootstraptest/test_knownbug.rb, test_literal.rb: move fixed test.ko1
2007-12-24add a test.akr
2007-12-24* compile.c (iseq_compile_each): add a "pop" insn after breakko1
2007-12-24add a test for [ruby-core:14385] reported by Frederick Cheung.akr