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2007-08-22 * bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): check leading non-digits.shyouhei
2007-08-22 * bignum.c (rb_big_neg): SIGNED_VALUE isn't in 1.8.shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12224shyouhei
2007-05-22merge -c 12116shyouhei
2006-11-24* bignum.c (bignorm): avoid segmentation. a patch from Hiroyukimatz
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): use better approximation.usa
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): wrong allocation length.matz
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): a bug in length adjustment.matz
2006-10-30* sprintf.c (rb_str_format): should preserve leading zeromatz
2006-10-07* bignum.c (rb_big_rshift): a bug in right shift of negativematz
2006-09-09* bignum.c (rb_big_mul0): bignum multiplication withoutmatz
2006-09-07* numeric.c (fix_plus): addition in Fixnum will never overflowmatz
2006-04-09* prec.c (prec_prec_f): documentation patch frommatz
2005-12-16* bignum.c (rb_big_rshift): fix a GC problem onakr
2005-10-21* bignum.c (bignew_1): convertion from `int' to `char' discardsocean
2005-09-06*, (MINIOBJS): miniruby on HP-UX can not loadnobu
2005-08-10* bignum.c (rb_big_coerce): allow bignum x bignum coercing.matz
2005-07-22* bignum.c (rb_big_eq): reduce isnan(). [ruby-dev:26600]matz
2005-07-01* bignum.c (get2comp): revert all prior changes, and calculatematz
2005-06-08* bignum.c (get2comp): calculate proper 2's complement formatz
2005-02-28* exception error messages updated. [ruby-core:04497]matz
2005-02-06* bignum.c (rb_big2ulong_pack): One too many arguments are passedknu
2005-01-04* bignum.c (rb_big_rand): should return positive random number.matz
2005-01-04* bignum.c (rb_big_rand): should return positive random number.matz
2004-11-16* pack.c: all features are backport from 1.9. [ruby-dev:24826]gotoyuzo
2004-09-03* struct.c (make_struct): remove redefining constant whenmatz
2004-08-28* bignum.c (rb_big_and): protect parameters from GC.matz
2004-06-04* io.c (rb_io_gets_m): set lastline ($_) even when read line ismatz
2004-05-07* eval.c (rb_eval): too many line trace call. (ruby-bugs PR#1320)matz
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2004-03-15* eval.c (rb_yield_0): should not re-submit TAG_BREAK if thismatz
2003-12-29Add RDoc for Kernel global functions, tidy array and errordave
2003-12-26* io.c (next_argv): warn always for stdin on inplace edit mode.matz
2003-12-22* (ac_cv_func_setitimer): moved from defines.hnobu
2003-12-19Add boot_classes to rdoc parsing, fix a couple of bugsdave
2003-12-19Fix dependency issuedave
2003-10-09* marshal.c (r_object0): remove unnecessary iv restoration formatz
2003-09-12* bignum.c (rb_big_and): convert argument using 'to_int'.matz
2003-07-24* gcc -Wall clean-up.matz
2003-07-20* string.c: use StringValueCStr to retrieve paths to system calls.matz
2003-07-09* eval.c (rb_load): put rb_load_file() in a thread criticalmatz
2003-05-25* bignum.c (rb_quad_pack): should negate negative bignum.nobu
2003-04-21* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): unnecessarily long buffer was usednobu
2003-04-14* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum, rb_big2str): allow 2-36 as radix.nobu
2003-04-09* bignum.c (bigdivmod): small typo.matz
2003-04-09* bignum.c (BIGZEROP): macro to determine if x is a bignum zero.matz
2003-01-31* variable.c (rb_obj_classname): new function.matz
2003-01-23* lib/rational.rb: modified to support "quo".matz
2003-01-18* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): should not erase all 0s, butnobu
2003-01-16-Wall cleanups (removed unused vars, no 'code has no effect' warnings)michal