path: root/benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-12-19* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: check GC::OPTS availabilityko1
2013-11-09* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: output version description and GC::OPTS.ko1
2013-11-05* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: fix typo of r43543eregon
2013-11-05* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: add some options to make quiet.ko1
2013-10-31* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: print HWM (high water mark) if possible.ko1
2013-06-21* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: fix summary of benchmark result notaton.ko1
2013-06-20* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: Do not use GC::Profiler::disable becauseko1
2013-06-20* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: stop GC::Profiler before output results.ko1
2013-06-20* benchmark/gc/gcbench.rb: don't use __dir__ to make compatibleko1
2013-06-20* benchmark/gc: create a directory to store GC related benchmark.ko1