path: root/benchmark/driver.rb
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2011-01-29 * benchmark/driver.rb (BenchmarkDriver#measure): Show command linekosaki
2009-09-06* benchmark/driver.rb: remove RUBY_VERSION output.ko1
2007-11-21* benchmark/driver.rb: add path to trunk/lib if driver runner isko1
2007-11-16* set eol-style.nobu
2007-10-03* benchmark/driver.rb: enable specify label to executable.ko1
2007-09-28* benchmark/driver.rb: fix notations.ko1
2007-09-28* benchmark/driver.rb: fix to output benchmark resultsko1
2007-09-28* benchmark/driver.rb: fix file selection algorithm.ko1
2007-09-27* benchmark/driver.rb: fix to output some helpful messages.ko1
2007-09-27* benchmark/driver.rb: added.ko1