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2007-09-07 * array.c (rb_ary_subseq): need integer overflow check.shyouhei
2007-09-07 * array.c (rb_ary_fill): need integer overflow check.shyouhei
2007-08-22 * array.c (rb_ary_initialize): should call rb_ary_modify() first.shyouhei
2006-10-18* array.c (rb_ary_shift): shorten copy size. fixed: [ruby-list:42907]nobu
2006-10-01* array.c (rb_ary_shift): should not move memory region if arraymatz
2006-09-24* array.c (rb_ary_shift): should clear shifting top element.matz
2006-06-24comment rb_ary_new4 behavior in Ruby 1.9.akr
2006-05-03* ext/syck/emitter.c (syck_scan_scalar): avoid accessingmatz
2006-04-26* array.c (rb_ary_fill): internalize local variable "beg" tomatz
2005-12-22* array.c: document fix - remove reference of obsoletedmatz
2005-12-12* array.c (rb_ary_diff): fix a GC problem on IA64 withakr
2005-11-15* array.c (rb_ary_fill): previous commit disabled this usage:ocean
2005-11-15* array.c (rb_ary_fill): tail elements were vanished when the middleocean
2005-11-15* array.c (rb_ary_fill): should adjust array length correctly whenmatz
2005-11-14* array.c (rb_ary_first): RDoc update from Daniel Bergermatz
2005-07-05* array.c (sort_2): get rid of yet another bcc's bug.nobu
2005-05-13* array.c (rb_ary_select): can remove argc check. [ruby-core:4911]ocean
2005-02-28* exception error messages updated. [ruby-core:04497]matz
2005-02-23* array.c (rb_ary_s_create): no need for negative argc check.matz
2004-11-18* process.c (proc_getpgrp): prohibit for $SAFE=2.matz
2004-11-16* numeric.c (flo_divmod): protect float values from GC bymatz
2004-11-04* gc.c (gc_mark): enable GC stack checking.matz
2004-10-30* string.c (rb_str_locktmp): lock string temporarily.matz
2004-10-20* string.c (str_gsub): reentrant check. [ruby-dev:24432]matz
2004-10-07* pack.c (pack_unpack): string conversion should at the top of thematz
2004-10-02* string.c (rb_str_sum): check was done with false pointer.matz
2004-09-22* hash.c (rb_hash_rehash): add iteration check. [ruby-dev:24301]matz
2004-09-21* array.c (rb_ary_equal): merge miss.matz
2004-09-21* array.c (rb_ary_uniq_bang): element size might change duringmatz
2004-09-18* array.c (rb_ary_equal): element size might change duringmatz
2004-07-24* range.c (rb_range_beg_len): returns Qnil only when "beg" pointsmatz
2004-07-13* array.c: rdoc patch - unified margin.ocean
2004-07-13* array.c: rdoc patch. merged patch from Johan Holmbergocean
2004-07-09* array.c, enum.c, pack.c: rdoc patch from Johan Holmbergocean
2004-04-14* array.c, enum.c, eval.c, file.c, io.c, numeric.c, object.c, prec.c,nobu
2004-04-05* eval.c (top_include): include in the wrapped load is done formatz
2004-02-26Doug Kearns's doc. patchdave
2003-12-30Add RDoc for kernel functions, and tidy updave
2003-12-29Tidy array.c rdocdave
2003-12-23Fix doc typosdave
2003-12-16Put RDoc comments into array.c, and refine rdoc/ri to deal with stuff that arosedave
2003-11-14* eval.c (rb_method_node): new API to retrieve method body.matz
2003-11-06* eval.c (rb_load): allow interrupt during loaded programmatz
2003-11-04* io.c (read_all): fptr->f may be NULL, if IO is closed in thematz
2003-09-05* eval.c (mark_frame_adj): need to adjust argv pointer if usingmatz
2003-08-06* eval.c (rb_call0): update ruby_class as well as ruby_cref.matz
2003-08-01* eval.c (BEGIN_CALLARGS): should not always reset ruby_iter,matz
2003-07-31 * array.c (rb_ary_collect): must get length of array for eachusa
2003-07-25* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_s_gethostbyname): was usingmatz
2003-07-24* gcc -Wall clean-up.matz