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2017-08-29array.c: nested encodingnobu
2017-08-29array.c: join encodingnobu
2017-07-15Fix warning: shadowing outer local variable - akazu
2017-06-29array.c: more predefined IDsnormal
2017-06-12array.c: [DOC] Make it clear that #<< modifies receiverk0kubun
2017-06-03array.c: docs for Array#{sort,sort!}stomar
2017-05-31Improve performance of implicit type conversionwatson1978
2017-05-26Improve Array#concat performance if only one argument is givenwatson1978
2017-05-25Improve performance of rb_equal()watson1978
2017-05-24Improve performance in where push the element into non shared Array objectwatson1978
2017-05-24Add debug counters.ko1
2017-05-12array.c: fix position in messagenobu
2017-05-12array.c: check position to insertnobu
2017-04-20refactor torexp to use routine in array.cshyouhei
2017-04-13array.c: improve performance of Array#sort with blockmrkn
2017-04-13array.c: Improve performance of Array#sort with float elementsmrkn
2017-04-13array.c: report correct memsize for shared root arraysrhe
2017-04-01array.c: Array#append and Array#prependnobu
2017-03-20docs for creating arraysstomar
2017-03-04documentation for sort methodsstomar
2017-02-18array.c: check if numericnobu
2017-02-18array.c: finish_exact_sumnobu
2017-02-13array.c (ary_recycle_hash): use rb_gc_force_recyclenormal
2017-01-20array.c: improve Array#samplenobu
2017-01-14mention behavior of Array#join for nested arrays [ci skip]normal
2016-12-20array.c: do not resize to less than 0rhe
2016-12-20array.c: check array length every time after yieldingrhe
2016-12-06array.c, enum.c: change sum algorithmmrkn
2016-11-08Update documentation of fetcha_matsuda
2016-11-05[DOC] add explanation for Array#sumakr
2016-10-13unstable sort [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-09replace Fixnum with Integer in rdoc [ci skip]nobu
2016-10-04* internal.h (ST2FIX): new macro to convert st_index_t to Fixnum.usa
2016-10-04array.c: update Array#dig docnobu
2016-09-24fid typos [ci skip]nobu
2016-09-08* array.c (flatten): use rb_obj_class instead of rb_class_ofktsj
2016-09-08replace fixnum by integer in documents.akr
2016-08-27multiple argumentsnobu
2016-08-22array.c: elements in selfnobu
2016-08-21array.c: no temporary arraynobu
2016-07-20hash.c: rb_hash_add_new_elementnobu
2016-05-23* array.c (rb_ary_fill): suppress warnings: 'item' may be usednaruse
2016-05-15* array.c (rb_ary_entry): extract rb_ary_elt to organize if-conditionsnaruse
2016-05-01Fix rb_ary_sum for mathnmrkn
2016-04-22[DOC] Arrah#sum with non-numeric objects.akr
2016-04-17* array.c (rb_ary_sum): [DOC] fix typos.ktsj
2016-04-15* array.c (rb_ary_sum): Don't yield same element twice.akr
2016-04-15* array.c (rb_ary_sum): Fix SEGV by [1/2r, 1].sum.akr
2016-04-15rename rb_rational_add -> rb_rational_plusmrkn
2016-04-15array.c (rb_ary_sum): use rb_rational_add directlymrkn