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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
9 daysKeep patched zlib filesNobuyoshi Nakada
10 daysOverwrite all existing files when extracting zlibTakashi Kokubun
2020-06-16Just update sources in CI without fetchingNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-03-26Fix AppVeyor pull request CI (#2983)S.H
2020-03-25Fix AppVeyor CI sometimes failS-H-GAMELINKS
2020-03-10Drop direct Slack notification from CIsTakashi Kokubun
2020-03-07Hook an experimental alert from AppVeyorTakashi Kokubun
2020-01-01Remove code to prevent double build on trunkTakashi Kokubun
2019-12-31Do not notify AppVeyor on_build_status_changedTakashi Kokubun
2019-12-31Drop MinGW build from AppVeyorTakashi Kokubun
2019-10-22appveyor.yml - remove timezone & tzinfo gems from MSVC buildsMSP-Greg
2019-10-18appveyor.yml - MinGW - update for MSYS2 / Mingw-w64 (#2573)MSP-Greg
2019-09-07appveyor.yml - msys2 update codeMSP-Greg
2019-08-25Drop duration from AppVeyor notificationTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-23Make AppVeyor notification similar to TravisTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-20Deprecate alerting multiple channelsTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-19Make AppVeyor notification colors consistentTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-18Drop before_test for mswin tooTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-18Appveyor - vc120 use OpenSSL 1.0.2, vc140 use 1.1.1 (#1998)MSP-Greg
2019-08-11Debug which test hangs on mswinTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-08Revert "Drop -j from msys2 build for debugging"Takashi Kokubun
2019-08-08Arrange installed packages like ruby-locoTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-08Drop -j from msys2 build for debuggingTakashi Kokubun
2019-08-07Debug appveyor mingw failureTakashi Kokubun
2019-07-29Stop isolating test_gc_compact on CITakashi Kokubun
2019-06-30Build AppVeyor only on masterTakashi Kokubun
2019-06-11Generalize timeout_scaleNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-31appveyor.yml again!MSP-Greg
2019-05-29appveyor.yml - update for msys2 - pdcurses, force toolchainMSP-Greg
2019-05-28Unify RELINE_TEST_ENCODING settingNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-28Set read-only with attrib commandNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-28Avoid doubly building Travis and AppVeyorTakashi Kokubun
2019-05-25Build trunk branch too to trigger AppVeyor on PRTakashi Kokubun
2019-05-23Pretend to update all Unicode filesNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-05-22Revert "Revert CI deduplication on Wercker / Azure for debugging"Takashi Kokubun
2019-05-22Revert CI deduplication on Wercker / Azure for debuggingTakashi Kokubun
2019-05-22appveyor.yml: Do not doubly run CI on trunkTakashi Kokubun
2019-05-18Update include files on msys2 tooNobuyoshi Nakada
2019-04-30Add Reline as a fallback library for Readlineaycabta
2019-04-27Isolate test_gc_compact on AppVeyor mswin as wellTakashi Kokubun
2019-04-27Isolate test_gc_compact on msys2 AppVeyorTakashi Kokubun
2019-04-06appveyor.yml: try porting r67454 to msys2k0kubun
2019-04-06appveyor.yml: Use pre-generated headers and tablesnobu
2019-04-05appveyor.yml: download beta version for testnobu
2019-03-17Drop invalid trailing comma in JSON objectk0kubun
2019-03-16Notify AppVeyor results to multiple channelsk0kubun
2019-03-15Increase the number of curl retriesk0kubun
2019-02-07appveyor.yml: retry zlib downloadsk0kubun
2018-11-28Try with TZInfo and Timezone gemsnobu disable native-fiber for MinGWk0kubun