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2014-04-14* addr2line.c (fill_lines): get base addrs in fill_lines to use itnaruse
2014-04-14* addr2line.c (main_exe_path): support FreeBSD.naruse
2014-04-11* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): set base addressnaruse
2014-04-10* addr2line.c (append_obj): clear allocated memory.naruse
2014-04-01* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): don't depend hard codednaruse
2014-03-31* addr2line.c (fill_lines): use dynsym, which is used for dynamicnaruse
2014-03-28revert r45417naruse
2014-03-27* addr2line.c (fill_lines): check shdr[i].sh_type because even ifnaruse
2014-03-26temporally change for powerpc64-linux fc18naruse
2014-03-26remove break because strtab/symtab is usually the last segmentnaruse
2014-03-26temporaly show sym->st_name and so onnaruse
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (fill_lines): loop reverse order not to overwritenaruse
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (follow_debuglink): show message if it closes openednaruse
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (fill_line): pass and use offset instead ofnaruse
2014-03-26don't write _start as is; use dlsymnaruse
2014-03-25temporaly change/add to debug on powerpc64-linuxnaruse
2014-03-25* addr2line.c (fill_lines): don't run fill_lines multiple times.naruse
2014-03-25main is not a pubic function, use _start insteadnaruse
2014-03-25* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): a function to get mustnaruse
2014-03-25* addr2line.c (fill_lines): skip if path is NULL.naruse
2014-03-24* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): fetch path of thenaruse
2014-03-24* addr2line.c (parse_debug_line_cu): explicitly specify signed charnaruse
2014-03-22* addr2line.c (fill_lines): compare the file names of object in whichnaruse
2014-03-15* addr2line.c (fill_lines): return address is just after callingnaruse
2014-03-14* addr2line.c (fill_lines): fetch symbol names from ELF binary'snaruse
2014-03-10* always check dladdr(1).naruse
2014-02-27use strlcatnobu
2013-10-26* addr2line.c: Include ELF header after system headers (especiallyakr
2013-04-06* addr2line.c: use more generic type:naruse
2013-04-06* addr2line.c: quad_t and u_quad_t is not available on Solaris.ngoto
2013-04-05* addr2line.c: include ruby/missing.h to fix compile error on Debian.akr
2013-03-26Suppress -Werror=shorten-64-to-32naruse
2013-03-24* addr2line.c (putce): suppress unused return value warning.kosaki
2013-03-23* addr2line.c (kprintf): added from FreeBSD libstand's printf.naruse
2013-03-21* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): output line at once.naruse
2012-12-21* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): revert r38533.kosaki
2012-11-09Fix build when gcc is used and the platform's libc lacks alloca().knu
2012-08-29* addr2line.c: SIZE_MAX is defined in stdint.h, so r36755 breaksnaruse
2012-08-21addr2line.c: suppress warningsnobu
2012-08-21* addr2line.c (fill_lines): need check and cast of the file size ofusa
2012-05-06* io.c (io_encoding_set): suppress warnings. [ruby-dev:45627]naruse
2012-03-15* adjust style.nobu
2011-11-08* addr2line.c (PATH_MAX): define if not defined. [ruby-core:40840]naruse
2011-07-08* addr2line.c: use USE_ELF instead of __ELF__ because Solarisnaruse
2011-07-05* addr2line.c: fix r32407 to check HAVE_ALLOCA_H.mame
2011-07-04* addr2line.c: include <alloca.h> to fix a build issue on Solaris.mame
2011-03-02* addr2line.c (uleb128): cast the value to unsigned long.naruse
2011-01-31* addr2line.c: suppressed shorten-64-to-32 warnings.naruse
2011-01-12* addr2line.c (get_nth_dirname): decrement the directory indexnaruse
2011-01-12* addr2line.c: OpenBSD uses the elf_abi.h header file instead of thenaruse