path: root/addr2line.c
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-07-08* addr2line.c: use USE_ELF instead of __ELF__ because Solarisnaruse
2011-07-05* addr2line.c: fix r32407 to check HAVE_ALLOCA_H.mame
2011-07-04* addr2line.c: include <alloca.h> to fix a build issue on Solaris.mame
2011-03-02* addr2line.c (uleb128): cast the value to unsigned long.naruse
2011-01-31* addr2line.c: suppressed shorten-64-to-32 warnings.naruse
2011-01-12* addr2line.c (get_nth_dirname): decrement the directory indexnaruse
2011-01-12* addr2line.c: OpenBSD uses the elf_abi.h header file instead of thenaruse
2010-12-01* addr2line.c: Follow .gnu_debuglink section.naruse
2010-11-30* addr2line.c (parse_debug_line_cu): ignore DW_LNE_set_discriminator.naruse
2010-11-27* link addr2line only for ELF.nobu
2010-11-27* addr2line.c: needs <errno.h>.nobu
2010-11-26* addr2line.c (rb_dump_backtrace_with_lines): should close fd onnobu
2010-11-26* addr2line.c: apply a patch from shinichiro.h.naruse
2010-11-26* addr2line.c: added to show source filename and line number ofnaruse