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2008-06-08* NEWS: Mention new constants.knu
2008-06-04* NEWS: Fix typos and move misplaced entries.knu
2008-06-04Fix typos and move misplaced entries.knu
2008-05-31* README, README.ja: Add a note about default C flags.knu
2008-05-31Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-29Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-28Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-27Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-27Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-26Merge from ruby_1_8, including r16205.knu
2008-05-25Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-18Merge a NEWS entry from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-05-18Merge -r16241:16456 from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-04-25Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-04-22Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-04-21Merge from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-04-20* object.c, NEWS, test/ruby/test_symbol.rb: Revert Symbol#to_procknu
2008-04-19Merge this too.knu
2008-04-19Merge everything from ruby_1_8.knu
2008-04-15* eval.c (method_receiver, method_name, method_owner): Newkazu
2008-04-15* lib/uri.rb, lib/uri/ldaps.rb: added LDAPS scheme; backported from 1.9. bug#...kazu
2008-04-15update NEWSkazu
2008-04-15* signal.c, gc.c: New methods: GC.stress, GC.stress=;kazu
2008-04-14Add notes about {Array,Enumerable}#{map,collect}, which still returnknu
2008-04-14* array.c (rb_ary_flatten, rb_ary_flatten_bang): Take an optionalknu
2008-04-14* enum.c New methods: Enumerable#take, #take_while, #drop andknu
2008-04-14* enum.c: New methods: Enumerable#one?, #none?, #minmax, #min_by,knu
2008-04-14* enum.c (enum_find, enum_reject): Return an enumerator if noknu
2008-04-14* array.c (rb_ary_collect_bang, rb_ary_select): Return anknu
2008-04-14* enum.c (enum_count, enum_find_index): New methods:knu
2008-04-14* string.c (rb_str_each_char): New methods: String#chars andknu
2008-04-14* range.c (range_each, range_step): Return an enumerator if noknu
2008-04-14* string.c (rb_str_partition, rb_str_rpartition,knu
2008-04-13update NEWSkazu
2008-04-13* object.c (sym_to_proc): new method Symbol#to_proc; backported from 1.9. bug...kazu
2008-04-10* enum.c (enum_first, enum_group_by): New methods:knu
2008-04-10Sort entries.knu
2008-04-10* enumerator.c (rb_eStopIteration), eval.c (rb_f_loop), ruby.h:knu
2008-04-10* array.c (rb_ary_first, rb_ary_last): Return a shared array whenknu
2008-04-09Array#reject too.knu
2008-04-09Add items about the enumerator module.knu
2008-04-07* array.c (rb_ary_nitems): Backport Array#nitems with a block;knu
2008-02-11* lib/rss/rss.rb (RSS::VERSION), test/rss/test_version.rb, NEWS:kou
2007-12-28* lib/rss/rss.rb, test/rss/test_version.rb, NEWS: 0.2.2 -> 0.2.3.kou
2007-12-05Integer#odd?, Integer#even? and Integer#pred described.akr
2007-12-02* lib/rss/rss.rb, test/rss/test_version.rb, NEWS: 0.2.1 -> 0.2.2.kou
2007-11-30* lib/rss/rss.rb, test/rss/test_version.rb: 0.2.0 -> 0.2.1.kou
2007-11-16Integer#ord described.akr