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2016-05-19fix a typosorah
2016-05-18* re.c (rb_reg_match_m_p): Introduce Regexp#match?, which returnsnaruse
2016-05-18Describe Enumerable#sum in NEWS [ci skip]mrkn
2016-05-17* re.c (match_values_at): MatchData#values_at supports named capturesnaruse
2016-05-17add issue number for Array#sum incompatitbility description.akr
2016-05-17Describe Fixnum and Bignum integration in NEWS.akr
2016-05-12drop FreeBSD < 4 supportnobu
2016-04-30ext/thread: removenobu
2016-04-23* NEWS: Add descriptions for Time#to_time updates.yui-knk
2016-04-23* NEWS: Add descriptions for DateTime#to_time updates.yui-knk
2016-04-19* ChangeLog: Add descriptions for logger updatessonots
2016-04-18numeric.c: flo_truncatenobu
2016-04-18numeric.c: int_truncatenobu
2016-04-15mention Array#sum with third-party gems.akr
2016-04-15NEWS: mention [Feature #12245]nobu
2016-04-13Array#sum described.akr
2016-04-13NEWS: [Feature #9969]nobu
2016-04-13parse.y: massign in condnobu
2016-03-17* NEWS: add Array#max, #min, and the optimization. [Feature #12172]mame
2016-02-21NEWS: update [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-18* re.c: Add MatchData#named_capturessorah
2016-02-17* string.c (rb_str_init): introduce size)naruse
2016-02-16fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-16dir.c: Dir.empty?nobu
2016-01-07version.c: no exit in ruby_show_copyrightnobu
2016-01-06optparse.rb: into kwdargnobu
2016-01-01* NEWS: mention about CSV's liberal_parsing option.kazu
2015-12-24* ChangeLog, NEWS: added.usa
2015-12-24* doc/{ChangeLog,NEWS}-2.3.0: moved.usa
2015-12-24* NEWS: added entry for CGI.escapeHTML optimization.hsbt
2015-12-24add a ticket number [ci skip]kazu
2015-12-24deprecate exposed internal functionsnobu
2015-12-24NEWS: reduce redundancy w.r.t Socket+IO [ci skip]normal
2015-12-24remove empty section [ci skip]kazu
2015-12-24fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-12-24remove duplicated ticket number [ci skip]kazu
2015-12-24* NEWS: renameko1
2015-12-23io/console: fix gem build failure on Windowsnobu
2015-12-22NEWS: add hint for Redmine URLs with issue number [ci skip]normal
2015-12-22* gems/bundled_gems: Upgrade the did_you_mean gem to 1.0.0yuki
2015-12-22io-console.gemspec: BSD-2-Clausenobu
2015-12-22io-console.gemspec: bump upnobu
2015-12-22* NEWS: Added news entry of Psych 2.0.17hsbt
2015-12-22* NEWS: Added news entry of RDoc 4.2.1hsbt
2015-12-18NEWS: make precise the note of r53188nobu
2015-12-18stringio.c: separate encoding from buffernobu
2015-12-17NEWS: sort alphabeticallykazu
2015-12-16* ChangeLog: fix a typo in r53149.nagachika
2015-12-16NEWS: note IO#fadvise change [ruby-core:72168] [ci skip]normal
2015-12-15* compar.c: Update doc for == [#7688] [ci-skip]marcandre