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2011-09-15* NEWS: cosmetic changes.usa
2011-09-15Revert r33276.usa
2011-09-15Revert r32944 and r33092.naruse
2011-09-14* do not use gcc-4.2 as the default compiler.mrkn
2011-09-13* NEWS: wrote about rb_reserved_fd_p() and objspace.ko1
2011-08-31merge revision(s) 33142:naruse
2011-08-26* NEWS: Update version of rake to
2011-08-26* backport r33087 from trunkdrbrain
2011-08-26* Update RubyGems version in NEWSdrbrain
2011-08-24* backport r33043 from trunk.drbrain
2011-08-23* backport r32981 and r32982 from trunk.drbrain
2011-08-13 * ext/date/date_core.c (date_strftime_alloc): followed the changetadf
2011-08-02Revert r32803.naruse
2011-08-01 * lib/rdoc: Update to 3.9.1. Fixes === lines in verbatim sections.drbrain
2011-07-30* ext/bigdecimal/lib/bigdecimal/util.rb (Rational#to_d):mrkn
2011-07-27 * lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems
2011-07-26* NEWS: add changes of bigdecimal and bigdecimal/util.mrkn
2011-07-11updated news for minitestryan
2011-07-10* NEWS: describe the improvement of BigDecimal#power and BigDecimal#**.mrkn
2011-07-10 * NEWS: Fix RubyGems version. [Ruby 1.9 - Bug #5004]drbrain
2011-07-09 * NEWS: bigdecimal is not a builtin.tadf
2011-07-09* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#normalize [ruby-dev:43829]marcandre
2011-07-04* NEWS: The incompatibility of Rexml introduced at r29646 is reverted at r31008.mrkn
2011-07-04* remove garbages.nobu
2011-07-04* NEWS (rexml) encoding methods return encoding names as strings again since ...nobu
2011-07-03add NEWS for O_DIRECTkosaki
2011-07-01* NEWS: remove a Kernel#respond_to? from the incompatibiliesmarcandre
2011-07-01* NEWS: remove a description of Kernel#respond_to? because it hasmrkn
2011-07-01* NEWS: describe a change of multiplication of Bignum.mrkn
2011-07-01* NEWS: typomarcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add LUP decompositionmarcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix.rb: Allow non integer exponents for Matrix#**marcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add Eigenvalue Decompositionmarcandre
2011-07-01* lib/matrix: Add Matrix#roundmarcandre
2011-06-29 * lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc 3.8 which contains fixes for documentationdrbrain
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: can build rectangular matrices.marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Add Matrix#diagonal?, hermitian?, normal?, orthogonal?marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Specialize Matrix#find_index to return [row, col]marcandre
2011-06-29* lib/matrix.rb: Matrix#each{_with_index} can iterate over a subset of the Ma...marcandre
2011-06-28 * lib/rake: Update rake to fix some bugs and hide deprecated featuresdrbrain
2011-06-28 * lib/rdoc: Update to RDoc 3.7 (final)drbrain
2011-06-27* NEWS: rand and Random.rand now support range argument [ruby-dev:43427] #4605marcandre
2011-06-26Add news about r30188 (Net::HTTPRequest#set_form).naruse
2011-06-23 * lib/rake: Import Rake 0.9.2drbrain
2011-06-23* ext/openssl/ossl_x509name.c: Add X509::Name#hash_old as a wrapper nahi
2011-06-19* NEWS: Introduce --hide-skip on test/unit.sorah
2011-06-12* NEWS: introduce PKey.reademboss
2011-06-04 * NEWS: wrote about changes of date.tadf
2011-06-02* io.c: Add File.write, File.binwrite. [Feature #1081] [ruby-core:21701]sorah
2011-06-01* NEWS: add new features of bigdecimal.mrkn