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2015-06-21* NEWS: add a reference to a ticket. [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-21fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-06-19* NEWS: mention about $SAFE.kazu
2015-06-19proc.c: ArgumentError if no blocknobu
2015-06-18NEWS: NameError#receiver [Feature #10881]nobu
2015-06-15NEWS: update for socket API changes [ci skip]normal
2015-06-14* ext/pathname/lib/pathname.rb (descend): Blockless form supported.akr
2015-06-14* enum.c (enum_chunk_while): New method Enumerable#chunk_while.akr
2015-06-14Add ticket numbers.akr
2015-06-13On Windows File::Stat#ino always returned 0, butnaruse
2015-06-13move a new feature to correct sectionnaruse
2015-06-13add news about inode for Windows [Feature #11216]naruse
2015-06-13add and docs Feature #11251 [ci skip]naruse
2015-06-12* pack.c (pack_{un,}pack): new template character `j` and `J`, pointerusa
2015-06-12* file.c (File::SHARE_DELETE): new flag to be able to delete opened fileusa
2015-05-28* ext/objspace/objspace.c: add two methods to debug internals.ko1
2015-05-22* NEWS: added news for net-telnet and rakehsbt
2015-05-17numeric.c: Numeric#positive? and Numeric#negative?nobu
2015-05-16fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2015-05-14* enum.c (enum_grep_v, grep_i, grep_iter_i, Init_enum):sorah
2015-04-15NEWS: note IO#wait_readable change in r50263normal
2015-04-12connect_nonblock supports "exception: false"normal
2015-04-10* ext/objspace/objspace.c: add ObjectSpace.count_imemo_objects methodko1
2015-04-06* enum.c: Enumerable#chunk and Enumerable#slice_before no longer takesakr
2015-03-12accept_nonblock supports "exception: false"normal
2015-03-05* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#round. Patch by Jordan Stephens.marcandre
2015-02-13* ext/coverage/coverage.c: Add Coverage.peek_result. Allows you totenderlove
2015-02-13* lib/base64.rb: make urlsafe mode user-friendly.mame
2015-01-25array.c: reduce to_ary callnobu
2015-01-21#10714 is a feature.akr
2015-01-21* NEWS: References to tickets added.akr
2015-01-15Describe IO#close.akr
2015-01-15array.c: linear performancenobu
2015-01-04* lib/drb/drb.rb: removed unused argument. Patch by @vipulnswardhsbt
2015-01-03* NEWS: added compatibility entry of r49101.hsbt
2014-12-25old ChangeLog and NEWS move to dockazu
2014-12-17fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2014-12-16* NEWS: mention about IO#fsync (and IO#flush). adviced by kosaki.usa
2014-12-15* ext/objspace/objspace.c: ObjectSpace.memsize_of(obj) returnsko1
2014-12-12* gc.c (gc_latest_gc_info): return :state field to show currentko1
2014-11-27* NEWS: add obsolete callcc.kazu
2014-11-27* gc.c (objspace_malloc_increase): enable lazy sweep on GC by malloc()ko1
2014-11-27Describe about TSort.each_*akr
2014-11-26ruby.h: export keyword argument functionsnobu
2014-11-25Move the description about vfork.akr
2014-11-25* NEWS: add an "Implementation changes" section.ko1
2014-11-25* lib/rake: Update to rake 10.4.0drbrain
2014-11-19* lib/matrix.rb: Vector#independent? and associated class methodmarcandre
2014-11-19* lib/matrix.rb: Add Vector#angle_withmarcandre
2014-11-15vm_eval.c: UncaughtThrowErrornobu