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2018-11-20Make coroutine object directory for each archnobu
2018-11-20Change ASMEXT to snobu fix Travis i686 buildk0kubun
2018-11-20Fix typo and make directorynobu
2018-11-20Tidy up assembly make rule.samuel
2018-11-20Expose dependency between cont.c and coroutine implementation.samuel
2018-11-20Try using compiler for assembling.samuel
2018-11-20Print out what the assembler is doing to figure out why it's not working.samuel
2018-11-20Create output directory when assembling filesamuel
2018-11-19fix for Solaris shnobu reconfig with the original warnflagsnobu
2018-11-18Also clean ruby-runner.o and ruby.imp [ci skip]nobu test-almost also needs mjit_build_dir.sonobu
2018-11-15. command in some sh cannot take argumentsnobu
2018-11-15tool/ separated, too many escapesnobu update-known-errorsnobu `$` for shell needs to be escaped in Makefilenobu
2018-11-13Remove duplicated assignmentkazu
2018-11-13.travis.yml: specify --tty=noshyouhei
2018-11-07clean mjit_build_dir.dylib.dSYM directory on macOSnobu
2018-11-07mjit_build_dir: separate MJIT_BUILD_DIRnobu
2018-11-06Expand MJIT_CC in configurenobu do not expand MJIT_CC if cross compilingnobu convert MJIT_CC to Windows pathnobu
2018-11-06Revert "mjit_build_dir: separate MJIT_BUILD_DIR"nobu
2018-11-06mjit_build_dir: separate MJIT_BUILD_DIRnobu make MJIT_CC_COMMON an absolute pathnobu insert DLDSHAREDnobu use CC_WRAPPERnobu
2018-10-20rename configure option `--disable-mjit` to `--disable-mjit-support`ko1
2018-10-20add disabling MJIT features option.ko1 add --disable-install-mjit-headerk0kubun
2018-10-15Pass cflags given to configure to mjitnobu dependencies to config.statusnobu drop MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun MJIT_DLDFLAGS_NOCOMPRESSk0kubun
2018-08-08fix mjit_min_header for universal binarynobu stop building MJIT min header for mswink0kubun remove GNU-make dependencynobu
2018-07-31mjit.c: allow using MJIT header in build directoryk0kubun
2018-07-08benchmark: introduce benchmark_driver.gemk0kubun ARCH_FLAG may contain "-m64" etc.ngoto
2018-06-22remove DISABLE_RUBYGEMS from config filesnobu MJIT_DLDFLAGSnobu update in the source directory properlynobu
2018-06-01Skip colliding filenames in LIBRUBY_ALIASESknu
2018-05-20goruby build was brokenusa
2018-04-28mjit_config.h: expand min header namenobu MJIT_ARCHFLAGnobu --disable-mathn optionnobu