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2005-07-13* LEGAL (ext/nkf/nkf-utf8): updated from nkf1.7 to nkf-utf8.nobu
2005-07-01* missing/erf.c: need to include some headers for some platforms.matz
2003-06-05* math.c (math_erf,math_erfc): new function. [ruby-list:37753]matz
2002-07-26* random.c: replace with Mersenne Twister RNG.matz
2002-06-01merge win32ole from roughsuke
2002-01-04The author of getoptlong.rb has agreed on changing the license fromknu
2001-07-13Import the "digest" module and the submodules, from the Rough Rubyknu
2001-07-13Substitute "licence" with "license".knu
2001-07-13Mention ext/nkf/nkf1.7/nkf.c.knu
2001-07-13Mention config.guess, config.sub, configure, parse.c andknu
2001-07-13Mention ext/socket/{addrinfo.h,getaddrinfo.c,getnameinfo.c}.knu
2001-07-13Mention util.c.knu
2001-07-13Add LEGAL, legal notice information.knu