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2010-02-17* bootstraptest/runner.rb (assert_normal_exit): add :timeout option.akr
2010-02-16use assert_finish because the test hangs on FreeBSD.akr
2010-02-16add a test.akr
2009-06-07* thread_pthread.c (rb_thread_create_timer_thread): print fatal errorko1
2009-02-14add timeout.akr
2009-02-14add a test.akr
2008-08-29* vm_insnhelper.c (vm_call_method): copy arguments to allocatedko1
2008-08-28* KNOWNBUGS.rb: add a test. see [ruby-dev:36028]mame
2008-07-10* vm_core.h (rb_thread_t), vm.c (rb_thread_mark), process.cnobu
2008-07-09add a test for [ruby-dev:35414].akr
2008-06-19* KNOWNBUGS.rb, bootstraptest/pending.rb: move a bug (?) to pending.ko1
2008-06-19add a test.akr
2008-06-17* KNOWNBUGS.rb, bootstraptest/pending.rb: move pending bug.ko1
2008-06-17* vm.c, vm_insnhelper.c: fix escape process with "braek" and "return"ko1
2008-06-15* eval.c (rb_f_block_given_p): fix to skip class frame.ko1
2008-06-10* vm.c, eval_intern.h (PASS_PASSED_BLOCK):ko1
2008-06-09* test_knownbug.rb -> KNOWNBUGS.rb: renamed.ko1