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2003-01-05* lib/fileutils.rb (ln): `argv' is not a argument.eban
2003-01-05* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): set $0 temporarily while loadingnobu
2003-01-05* instruby.rb: need paren in regexp(make -n install).eban
2003-01-05* ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath): under Windows, get the modulenobu
2003-01-04FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS must not be empty. Set to NULL instead.knu
2003-01-04* defines.h (FLUSH_REGISTER_WINDOWS): Make the flushw call anknu
2003-01-04* file.c (utimbuf): use utimbuf instead of _utimbuf if defined _WIN32.usa
2003-01-04* process.c (rb_proc_exec): use same logic as DJGPP on win32 ports.usa
2003-01-04* set rb_cv_need_io_flush_between_seek=yes.usa
2003-01-03* file.c (rb_file_s_lchmod): get rid of gcc-3 -O3 warning.nobu
2003-01-03* process.c (rb_proc_times): need to initialize first.nobu
2003-01-02commit missnobu
2003-01-02* regex.c (re_match):nobu
2003-01-02* eval.c (bmcall): arguments should be an array.nobu
2003-01-01* better DJGPP support. add GNUmakefile.eban
2003-01-01* eval.c (massign): removed awkward conversion between yvalue,matz
2002-12-31Fix one more.knu
2002-12-31Fix typos.knu
2002-12-31* node.h (struct RNode): Change argc from int to long. Otherwizeknu
2002-12-31*, {win32,bcc32}/Makefile.sub: add new target:eban
2002-12-31Fix typos.knu
2002-12-31* gc.c (rb_gc_mark_frame): should mark frame->node.matz
2002-12-31* ext/socket/addrinfo.h (NI_MAXHOST): Define NI_MAXHOST andknu
2002-12-31* ext/tcltklib/extconf.rb (find_tcl, find_tk): Look for bothknu
2002-12-31* Improve OpenBSD support. [obtained from: OpenBSDknu
2002-12-31* array.c (rb_ary_transpose): Properly declare ary as a VALUE.knu
2002-12-30* parse.y (parse_string): readjusted.nobu
2002-12-30* parse.y (yylex): do not accept " __END__\n". ([ruby-dev:19245])eban
2002-12-30* parse.y (yylex): use strncmp instead of strcmp.eban
2002-12-30* ext/extmk.rb: split --make argument contains options, assumenobu
2002-12-30* string.c (rb_str_substr): should share the shared string ifnobu
2002-12-29* ext/socket/socket.c (tcp_svr_init): local host tonobu
2002-12-29* file.c (rb_file_s_chmod): get rid of gcc-3 -O3 warning.nobu
2002-12-29* gc.c (gc_sweep): adjust GC trigger.nobu
2002-12-29add location.aamine
2002-12-29forgot to commit ChangeLog.aamine
2002-12-28* lib/fileutils.rb (cmp): return false if file size differs.usa
2002-12-28* instruby.rb: remove junk args.eban
2002-12-27 * lib/cgi.rb (CGI#[]): improvement. thanks to Kazuhiro NISHIYAMAwakou
2002-12-27* bcc32/setup.mak, win32/setup.mak(-prologue-): move srcdir fromnobu
2002-12-27* wince/config, wince/configure.bat: replace 1.7 with 1.8uema2
2002-12-27* instruby.rb: fileutils.rb accepts only one argument.aamine
2002-12-27* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_parseargs): reject illegal options correctly.aamine
2002-12-26* instruby.rb: check only `-' option, and use fileutils instead ofnobu
2002-12-26 * lib/net/telnet.rb: Telnet#print not add "\n".wakou
2002-12-26commit miss.eban
2002-12-26* win32/setup.mak (-prologue-): moved srcdir macro definition.usa
2002-12-25* regex.c (re_match_exec): fix odd \G behavior based on the patchmatz