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2003-01-21* bcc32/Makefile.sub (LIBRUBY_A): link dmyext.nobu
2003-01-21* parse.y (arg): put back old ** behavior for negative numbermatz
2003-01-21* instruby.rb: use real interpreter pathname at shebang line.usa
2003-01-21* lib/pp.rb: Use Test::Unit.akr
2003-01-20refine previous change.akr
2003-01-20* lib/pp.rb: Don't redefine `inspect'.akr
2003-01-20* (MANTYPE): Detect if the system's nroff(1) groksknu
2003-01-20* lib/tempfile.rb ( If a block is given, call it withknu
2003-01-20* mdoc2man.rb: Properly put nested braces, parentheses and angles.knu
2003-01-20* mdoc2man.rb: Make this work as a library.knu
2003-01-20* eval.c (rb_f_require): purge too many goto's.nobu
2003-01-20* mdoc2man.rb (parse_macro): Understand .Ux.knu
2003-01-20* mdoc2man.rb: New file. A mdoc to man converter ported fromknu
2003-01-20* ruby.1: Properly close .Bl with .El.knu
2003-01-20* regex.c (is_in_list): should work weill with UTF-8.matz
2003-01-19* lib/mkmf.rb (egrep_cpp): use inspect to show options.nobu
2003-01-19* ext/aix_mksym.rb: no longer used.nobu
2003-01-19* file.c (eaccess): under windows, make eaccess() just callusa
2003-01-19* lib/shellwords.rb (shellwords): A backslash ('\') in singleknu
2003-01-18* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum): should not erase all 0s, butnobu
2003-01-16* sprintf.c (rb_f_sprintf): Fix a bug caused by an uninitializedknu
2003-01-15* enum.c (enum_all): now works without block.matz
2003-01-15* (ARCHFILE): set even unless --enable-shared onnobu
2003-01-14* eval.c (rb_f_require): do not search adding .rb/.so suffixes ifnobu
2003-01-14* parse.y (list_append): avoid O(n) search using node->nd_next->nd_end.matz
2003-01-13* io.c (next_argv): not always set binmode.nobu
2003-01-12* ext/dl/lib/dl/win32.rb: elimitate unnecessary "A" adding.eban
2003-01-12* io.c (next_argv): inherit binmode from $defout.eban
2003-01-11* ext/dl/lib/dl/win32.rb: compatibility improvement.eban
2003-01-10* (RUBY_CHECK_IO_NEED): added more tests.nobu
2003-01-09* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-font-lock-syntactic-keywords): syntaxnobu
2003-01-09* AC_MSG_FAILURE is a new macro in 2.54b or later.nobu
2003-01-09* (RUBY_CHECK_IO_NEED): check whether fseek() andnobu
2003-01-09* eval.c (rb_eval): should not discard nested NODE_BLOCK.matz
2003-01-09* parse.y (stmt): NODE_NOT elimitation for if/unless/while/until node.matz
2003-01-09* st.h, st.c: Back out the introduction of st_*_func_t. Someknu
2003-01-08* ext/Win32API/lib/win32/registry.rb: added. [new]usa
2003-01-08* eval.c: remove ruby_last_node and assignments seems to bematz
2003-01-07* eval.c (svalue_to_avalue): should return converted array.matz
2003-01-07* hash.c (env_clear): new Hash compatible method.matz
2003-01-06* eval.c (rb_f_local_variables): skip $_, $~ and flip states innobu
2003-01-06[Forced commit]knu
2003-01-06* st.h, st.c: Introduce new conventional typedef's, st_data_t,knu
2003-01-06* intern.h (rb_check_array_type): Declare rb_check_array_type().knu
2003-01-06* file.c: improve DOSISH drive letter support.usa
2003-01-06* lib/fileutils.rb (ln): add ' -f' in the verbose message.eban
2003-01-06* process.c (proc_exec_v): follow to proc_spawn_v(). call do_aspawn()usa
2003-01-05commit missnobu
2003-01-05*** empty log message ***nobu
2003-01-05* struct.c (make_struct): needs meta class.nobu