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2002-09-06* parse.y: should not use non-NODE VALUEs in the semantic stack.aamine
2002-09-05* file.c (rb_path_check): nothing to check under DOSISH.nobu
2002-09-05modify function name.aamine
2002-09-05* gc.c (gc_sweep): should mark parser.aamine
2002-09-05* variable.c (rb_path2class): should not use rb_eval_string().matz
2002-09-05fix mem leaks (ruby-core:405, ruby-core:407)michal
2002-09-05* eval.c (rb_eval): overriding false constant with class/modulenobu
2002-09-04* extmk.rb (create_makefile): add macro MAKEDIRS, INSTALL_PROG,eban
2002-09-04* class.c (rb_make_metaclass): obj.meta.super.meta should be equalmatz
2002-09-03* extmk.rb: require mkmf.rb. remove duplicate methods.eban
2002-09-03 * variable.c (rb_copy_generic_ivar): remove old generic instancematz
2002-09-02* re.c (rb_reg_search): MatchData must be rb_cMatch. (ruby-bugs-ja:PR#319)nobu
2002-09-02* gc.c (gc_sweep): does reclaim nodes in also compile time, if we can.aamine
2002-09-01* config.guess: fixed for Linux/PPC.eban
2002-08-30Add set.rb.knu
2002-08-30* ext/Win32API/Win32API.c (Win32API_Call): typo.H_Konishi
2002-08-30* variable.c (rb_const_assign): st_delete() takes pointer to key.nobu
2002-08-30commit miss.nobu
2002-08-30* ext/Win32API/Win32API.c (Win32API_Call): RSTRING()->ptr may benobu
2002-08-29* bcc32/MakeFile.sub (sitearch): add.H_Konishi
2002-08-29* array.c (rb_ary_become): should not free ptr if it's shared.matz
2002-08-29* io.c (read_all): should use off_t instead of long.eban
2002-08-28* marshal.c (r_object): yield loaded objects, not intermediates.nobu
2002-08-28variable.c: Get rid of fix len buffer in rb_class_path (ruby-core:381)michal
2002-08-28* io.c (appendline): data was lost when raw mode.nobu
2002-08-28* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_initialize): RSTRING(mode)->ptrnobu
2002-08-28file.c: fix mem leak in rb_stat_initmichal
2002-08-28* win32/win32.c (kill): negate pid under Win9x.nobu
2002-08-28* (ar): don't check twice for ar.eban
2002-08-28* string.c (rb_str_delete_bang): should check if str->ptr is 0.matz
2002-08-28* win32/win32.h: define SIGINT and SIGKILL if not defined.usa
2002-08-27* ruby.c (require_libraries): prevent ruby_sorcefile from GC.nobu
2002-08-27* file.c (rb_find_file): $LOAD_PATH must not be empty.matz
2002-08-25 * lib/cgi.rb (CGI#form): fix ruby-bugs-ja:PR#280, add default action.wakou
2002-08-24* eval.c (call_trace_func): restore source file/line, as tracenobu
2002-08-24* lib/time.rb (Time.rfc2822, Time#rfc2822): preserve localtimeness.akr
2002-08-23* instruby.rb: arch -> sitearcheban
2002-08-23* eval.c (method_call): check receiver is defined.nobu
2002-08-23* RUBY_SO_NAME is msvcrt-rubyXX on mswin32/mingw32.eban
2002-08-21Int vs Long clenup (forgot ChangeLog)michal
2002-08-21* eval.c (rb_thread_cleanup): should not modify the globalmatz
2002-08-21* ChangeLog: typo fix.eban
2002-08-21* set ac_cv_func__setjump to "no" on Cygwin.eban
2002-08-20* replace of check EPIPE error(in getc()) rutine on bcc32.H_Konishi
2002-08-20* file.c (rb_file_s_expand_path): accept drive letter on Cygwin.eban
2002-08-20* io.c (rb_io_putc): output via rb_io_write().matz
2002-08-19* misc/inf-ruby.el (inf-ruby-keys): ruby-send-definitionnobu
2002-08-19* array.c (sort_2): comparison should be done as signed long.matz