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2007-01-03Revert r11453matz
2007-01-03* io.c (ruby_dup): start GC on ENOMEM as well.matz
2006-12-31Merge 11443, 11444 and 11445 from trunk.drbrain
2006-12-30updated based on date2 4.0.tadf
2006-12-15* ChangeLog: typo.nobu
2006-12-14* ext/readline/readline.c: NetBSD editline does not havematz
2006-12-14* lib/irb/locale.rb (IRB::Locale::puts): typo fixed. a patch frommatz
2006-12-11* ext/digest/sha2/lib/sha2.rb: Moved one level up from underknu
2006-12-11* variable.c (rb_define_const): typo fixed.matz
2006-12-11* string.c (rb_str_aset): index double decode problem.matz
2006-12-09* eval.c (ruby_cleanup): keep the exception till after END blocks.nobu
2006-12-09instead of File.exists?. a patch from Yutaka Kanemotomatz
2006-12-09* lib/irb/locale.rb (IRB::Locale::search_file): ues File.exist?matz
2006-12-07* lib/weakref.rb (WeakRef::__setobj__): should supportmatz
2006-12-06*, (NULLCMD): moved for platforms that emptynobu
2006-12-06* (SITE_DIR): fixed to emtpy RUBY_SITE_LIB in config.h oneban
2006-12-05* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-parse-partial): need to parse "/=" asmatz
2006-12-04* ruby.h (OFFT2NUM): use LONG2NUM() if sizeof(long) equals tomatz
2006-12-04* parse.y (dyna_init_gen): dvar initialization only if dvar ismatz
2006-12-03* lib/cgi.rb (CGI::QueryExtension::read_multipart): should quoteshugo
2006-12-01* ext/openssl/ossl_ocsp.c: OpenSSL::OCSP::OSCPError should begotoyuzo
2006-12-01* gc.c (ruby_init_stack): decrease "stack level too deep" in Windows.usa
2006-12-01* ext/tk/tcltklib.c: shouldn't run the killed thread at callback.nagai
2006-11-27* sprintf.c (rb_f_sprintf): need not to truncate string if nomatz
2006-11-26Sun Nov 26 16:36:46 2006 URABE Shyouhei <>shyouhei
2006-11-24* bignum.c (bignorm): avoid segmentation. a patch from Hiroyukimatz
2006-11-24* eval.c (rb_mod_define_method): set implicit visibility only whenmatz
2006-11-22* file.c (test_grpowned, rb_stat_grpowned): should honormatz
2006-11-22* ext/tk/extconf.rb: support --with-X11/--without-X11 option.nagai
2006-11-08* eval.c (BEGIN_CALLARGS): ruby_block may be NULL even whenmatz
2006-11-07* ext/digest/lib/digest/hmac.rb: Keep this out of the 1.8 treeknu
2006-11-07* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: minor bug fix.nagai
2006-11-06* lib/rss/0.9.rb (RSS::Rss): removed needless include.kou
2006-11-06* ext/tk/lib/tk/itemconfig.rb: bug fix on 'itemconfiginfo' method, andnagai
2006-11-05updated based on date2 3.9.7.tadf
2006-11-04* lib/net/imap.rb: accept NOMODSEQ. [ruby-core:9002]shugo
2006-11-02* ext/socket/socket.c (ruby_getnameinfo__aix): AF_INET6 workaroundmatz
2006-11-02* ChangeLog: typo.usa
2006-11-02* parse.y (primary): should set NODE when compstmt is NULL.usa
2006-11-02* lib/set.rb (Set#^): Fix XOR operation against a container thatknu
2006-11-01* ext/digest/lib/digest/hmac.rb (Digest::HMAC::update): Minorknu
2006-10-31* eval.c (rb_call0): fixed bug of zsuper with both of opt and rest.usa
2006-10-31* time.c (time_dup): duplicate the class of original time.matz
2006-10-30* (miniruby): add XLDFLAGS.nobu
2006-10-30* dir.c (glob_helper): get rid of possible memory leak.nobu
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): use better approximation.usa
2006-10-30ChangeLog: add patch submitter.matz
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): wrong allocation length.matz
2006-10-30* eval.c (rb_eval): fix commit miss. [ruby-dev:29707]matz
2006-10-30* bignum.c (rb_big2str0): a bug in length adjustment.matz