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2016-06-01use crypt_rnobu
2016-06-01* missing/crypt.c (des_setkey): void function never returns any value.usa
2016-06-01separate crypt.hnobu
2016-06-01add crypt_rnobu
2016-05-31crypt.c: fix size macrosnobu
2016-05-31optparse.rb: fix char class optionnobu
2016-05-31Revert r55225naruse
2016-05-31* string.c: Activate full Unicode case mapping for UTF-8 by removingduerst
2016-05-30* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (host_str, port_str): Use StringValueCStrusa
2016-05-30openssl: use NUM2TIMET() to convert Integer to time_trhe
2016-05-30* string.c: Document current behavior for other case mapping methodsduerst
2016-05-30* string.c: Document current situation for String#downcase. [ci skip]duerst
2016-05-30openssl: add SSLContext#ecdh_curves=rhe
2016-05-30raddrinfo.c: fix for SHARABLE_MIDDLE_SUBSTRINGnobu
2016-05-30string.c: return reallocated pointernobu
2016-05-30stringio.c: share stringsnobu
2016-05-30string.c: get rid of unnecessary empty stringnobu
2016-05-29* ChangeLog: fix a typo for r55198.nagachika
2016-05-29* ext/-test-/auto_ext.rb: fixed a heedless bug introduced at r55198.usa
2016-05-29* regexec.c (ONIGENC_IS_MBC_ASCII_WORD): redefine optimized one.naruse
2016-05-29* regexec.c (match_at): make compilers optimize harder.naruse
2016-05-28* test/test_unicode_normalize.rb: Add test to check for availability ofduerst
2016-05-28* test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb: Add error messages to testsduerst
2016-05-28ChangeLog: fix typos [ci skip]nobu
2016-05-28openssl: move SSLSocket#initialize to C extensionrhe
2016-05-28* gems/bundled_gems: Update latest releases, power_assert-0.3.0,hsbt
2016-05-28* addr2line.c: drop to support ATARI ST platform. It was discontinuedhsbt
2016-05-28* test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb: Converted exception forduerst
2016-05-28* lib/cgi/util.rb: added to missing quote.hsbt
2016-05-27fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-05-27variable.c: hidden constantsnobu
2016-05-27transcode.c: scrub in the given encodingnobu
2016-05-27fix non-static rb_scan_argsnobu
2016-05-26* symbol.c (is_identchar): use ISDIGIT instead of rb_enc_isalnum.naruse
2016-05-26ruby.h: fix for old clangnobu
2016-05-26openssl: avoid NULL dereference in {DH,DSA,RSA}_size()rhe
2016-05-26ruby.h: count and verifynobu
2016-05-26revert r55171nobu
2016-05-26ruby.h: fix clang warningsnobu
2016-05-26* test/ruby/enc/test_case_comprehensive.rb: Add set of comprehensiveduerst
2016-05-25* class.c (rb_define_class): Fix documentation.eregon
2016-05-25* re.c (unescape_nonascii): scan hex up to only 3 characters.naruse
2016-05-25* enc/unicode.c: Handle DOTLESS_i by hand because it isn't involved in folding.duerst
2016-05-25* regparse.c (fetch_token_in_cc): raise error if given octal escapednaruse
2016-05-25openssl: drop OpenSSL 0.9.6/0.9.7 supportrhe
2016-05-25openssl: remove unnecessary 'extern "C"' blocks from local headersrhe
2016-05-25openssl: remove check of OPENSSL_FIPS macro in extconf.rbrhe
2016-05-25class.c: simplifynobu