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2001-02-19* eval.c (secure_visibility): visibility check for untainted modules.matz
2001-02-18* ext/curses/extconf.rb: add dir_config.eban
2001-02-17* win32/win32.c: fasten file I/O on mswin32/mingw32.usa
2001-02-16* io.c (set_outfile): f should be the FILE* from the assigning value.matz
2001-02-15* process.c (proc_waitall): new method based on a patch from Brianmatz
2001-02-15* lib/cgi/session.rb (close): fixed reversed condition.shugo
2001-02-14* lib/net/imap.rb: supports unknown resp_text_code.shugo
2001-02-14* dir.c (dir_s_glob): supprt backslash escape of metacharactersmatz
2001-02-13* dir.c (lstat): should use rb_sys_stat if lstat(2) is noteban
2001-02-13* io.c (rb_io_ctl): do not call ioctl/fcntl for f2, if f and f2matz
2001-02-11* add ac_cv_func_getpgrp_void=yes on DJGPP.eban
2001-02-11* eval.c (stack_length): use __builtin_frame_address() only ifeban
2001-02-09* win32/win32.c (win32_stat): replace stat for enable when pathnameusa
2001-02-09ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath): convert '\' to '/'eban
2001-02-08lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): add srcdir.eban
2001-02-08* parse.y (parse_quotedwords): %w should allow parenthesis escape.matz
2001-02-02* array.c (rb_ary_sort_bang): returns self, even if its length ismatz
2001-01-31gcc-2.95.2-7(cygwin) support.eban
2001-01-29* eval.c (block_pass): return from block jumps directory tomatz
2001-01-29* string.c (str_independent): should not clear str->orig here.matz
2001-01-26* parse.y: clarify do ambiguity, bit more complex but naturalmatz
2001-01-24* eval.c (POP_BLOCK_TAG): call rb_gc_force_recycle() if block hasmatz
2001-01-24* lib/cgi.rb: fix the problem that when running under mod_rubyknu
2001-01-23* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): should finalize objects inmatz
2001-01-23* gc.c (os_live_obj): do not list terminated object.matz
2001-01-22* mkconfig.rb: autoconf 2.49 support.eban
2001-01-20* parse.y (block_call): syntax restructure.matz
2001-01-19* parse.y (yylex): fixed serious syntax misbehavior. do'smatz
2001-01-18* io.c (rb_io_s_read): new method to call IO#read frommatz
2001-01-17* mkconfig.rb, win32/ remove DEFS definition.eban
2001-01-17* remove DEFS definition.eban
2001-01-15Mon Jan 15 16:00:07 2001 Yukihiro Matsumoto <>matz
2001-01-14*** empty log message ***usa
2001-01-11NORETURN, INLINEeban
2001-01-10m17n cleanup ;_;matz
2001-01-10setres[ug]id, NORETURNeban
2001-01-10* ruby.c (load_file): typo(rb_load_fail -> rb_load_failed).eban
2001-01-09* string.c (rb_str_reverse_bang): forgot to call rb_str_modify().matz
2001-01-09* file.c (path_check_1): should restore modified path.matz
2001-01-09* enum.c (enum_inject): new method.matz