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2016-02-24* random.c (limited_rand): Add a specialized path for the limit fits in 32 bit.akr
2016-02-23* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Outputting actual titlecaseduerst
2016-02-23* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Reading casing data fromduerst
2016-02-22fix a typo [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-22* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Adding flag for title-case,duerst
2016-02-22* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Fixed bug that avoided inclusionduerst
2016-02-21cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.unescapenobu
2016-02-21cgi/escape: Optimize CGI.unescapeHTMLnobu
2016-02-20doc/extension.rdoc: update paths for defs/ directorynormal
2016-02-20Fix Module#module_eval rdoc [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-20Update README.mdnobu
2016-02-20dir.c: paths as UTF-8nobu
2016-02-19object.c: fix error messagenobu
2016-02-19find.rb: raise with the namenobu
2016-02-19* enc/unicode.c: Activated use of case mapping data in CaseUnfold_11 array.duerst
2016-02-19extmk.rb: cygwin casenobu
2016-02-18fix output in EXAMPLES [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-18string.c: Symbol#matchnobu
2016-02-18* remove trailing spaces.svn
2016-02-18* re.c: Add MatchData#named_capturessorah
2016-02-17ChangeLog: remove duplicate entry [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-17fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-17id.def: $~ and $_nobu
2016-02-17string.c: fix rb_str_initnobu
2016-02-17* string.c (rb_str_init): introduce size)naruse
2016-02-16fix indent [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-16ChangeLog should be us-ascii [ci skip]kazu
2016-02-16* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb, casefold.h: Used only first elementduerst
2016-02-16numeric.c: fix segfaultnobu
2016-02-16dir.c: Dir.empty?nobu
2016-02-16rbinstall.rb: drive letter in without_destdirnobu
2016-02-15* insns.def (opt_plus): simply use LONG2NUM() instead of wronglynaruse
2016-02-15rbinstall.rb: drive letter in without_destdirnobu
2016-02-15parse.y: kwarg to method with same name variablenobu
2016-02-15* enc/unicode/case-folding.rb: Added debugging optionduerst
2016-02-14mkmf.rb: Do not modify caller stringsnobu
2016-02-14not overwrite causenobu
2016-02-13* hash.c (rb_hash_invert): [DOC] more examples.akr
2016-02-13CIDR in no_proxynobu
2016-02-13no_proxy with whitespaces and leading dotsnobu
2016-02-12error.c: fix doc [ci skip]nobu
2016-02-12net/ftp.rb: NullSocket#closed?nobu
2016-02-12Update re.c [ci skip]nobu fix universal binarynobu
2016-02-10* (RUBY_DEFINT): use Parameter Expansion.naruse
2016-02-10* (int128_t): don't check HAVE_XXX (for examplenaruse
2016-02-10check ar D flagnobu
2016-02-09* lib/logger.rb: Remove block from Logger.add as it's not neededsonots
2016-02-09* ext/zlib/zlib.c: Document mtime header behavior with patch by @schneemszzak
2016-02-09* re.c: Remove deprecated kcode argument from and compilezzak