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4 days[ruby/set] Adding section: What's HereBurdette Lamar
4 days[ruby/set] Adding section: What's HereBurdette Lamar
4 daysRemoved missing/dup2.cNobuyoshi Nakada
This function should be always available, as POSIX-compliant or Windows platform are required since 1.9. Also the code in this file is MT-unsafe. Notes: Merged:
5 daysLEGAL: Remove entries that no longer existYusuke Endoh
lib/bundler.gemspec and man/bundle-*,gemfile.* are now under the directory lib/bundler/.
5 days* 2021-05-10 [ci skip]git
5 daysrb_fiber_new_kw: doesn't exist卜部昌平
Not against having such thing but currently we lack one.
6 daysFix Math.cbrt(0.0) on glibcJeremy Evans
This should return 0, but on glibc it returned NaN. Fixes [Bug #17804] Notes: Merged:
6 days* 2021-05-09 [ci skip]git
6 daysEnhanced RDoc for Enumerable (#4473)Burdette Lamar
Enhanced RDoc for Enumerable: #grep and #grep_v. Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
6 daysFix example code in Array#max docMasataka Pocke Kuwabara
`[0, 1, 2, 3].max(6)` actually returns `[3, 2, 1, 0]`, but the doc said it returns `[3, 2, 1]`. Notes: Merged:
6 days[ruby/irb] Deal with different screen sizesNobuyoshi Nakada
6 days[ruby/irb] Dump ancestors' methods by ls commandMasataka Pocke Kuwabara
6 daysShrink timev.rb iseq sizeNobuyoshi Nakada
7 daysWhat's Here for class Dir (#4472)Burdette Lamar
What's Here for class Dir Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
7 days* 2021-05-08 [ci skip]git
7 daysWhat's Here for class File (#4460)Burdette Lamar
What's Here for class File Notes: Merged-By: BurdetteLamar <>
7 daysFixed shorten-64-to-32 errors when USE_COMBINATION_EXPLOSION_CHECKNobuyoshi Nakada
7 dayscompile.c: Pass node instead of nd_line(node) to ADD_INSN* functionsYusuke Endoh
... then, new_insn_core extracts nd_line(node). Also, if a macro "EXPERIMENTAL_ISEQ_NODE_ID" is defined, this changeset keeps nd_node_id(node) for each instruction. This is intended for TypeProf to identify what AST::Node corresponds to each instruction. This patch is originally authored by @yui-knk for showing which column a NoMethodError occurred. Co-Authored-By: Yuichiro Kaneko <> Notes: Merged:
8 dayslldb: convert heap_page_obj_limit from a float to intPeter Zhu
Notes: Merged:
8 days* 2021-05-07 [ci skip]git
8 daysProtoized old pre-ANSI K&R style declarations and definitionsNobuyoshi Nakada
8 daysConditionally used functionsNobuyoshi Nakada
8 dayslldb: teach rp about T_PAYLOADMatt Valentine-House
Notes: Merged:
8 daysStore rb_classext_t next to RClass slots on the heapMatt Valentine-House
Notes: Merged:
8 daysAllow newobj_of0 and newobj_slowpath to allocate into multiple heap slotsMatt Valentine-House
Notes: Merged:
8 daysnet-http no longer requires stringioNobuyoshi Nakada
8 daysUse assert_ractor for separating test processesHiroshi SHIBATA
Notes: Merged:
8 days[ruby/timeout] Only run timeout_after hook on fiber scheduler if scheduler ↵Jeremy Evans
8 days[ruby/timeout] Avoid unnecessary object allocationJeremy Evans
Idea from nobu.
8 days[ruby/timeout] Make Timeout::Error#exception with multiple arguments not ↵Jeremy Evans
ignore arguments This makes: raise("hello"), "world") raise a TimeoutError instance with "world" as the message instead of "hello", for consistency with other Ruby exception classes. This required some internal changes to keep the tests passing. Fixes [Bug #17812]
8 days[ruby/strscan] Replace "iff" with "if and only if" (#18)Gannon McGibbon
iff means if and only if, but readers without that knowledge might assume this to be a spelling mistake. To me, this seems like exclusionary language that is unnecessary. Simply using "if and only if" instead should suffice.
8 days[ruby/strscan] Fix segmentation fault of `StringScanner#charpos` when ↵Kenichi Kamiya
`String#byteslice` returns non string value [Bug #17756] (#20)
8 daysImport from SHIBATA
* Use Gemfile instead of Gem::Specification#add_development_dependency. * Use pend instead of skip for test-unit.
8 days[ruby/net-http] Do not require stringioKazuki Yamaguchi
It is not used in net/http library code since commit 15ccd0118c13 (r36473 in ruby svn trunk, 2012). require's in test suite are also cleaned up.
8 daysFixed the file path for net-imap.gemspecHiroshi SHIBATA
8 daysMove net-imap.gemspec to under the lib/net/imap directory.Hiroshi SHIBATA
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Many documentation improvementsnicholas a. evans
* updated obsoleted RFCs to current versions * linked most references to their RFCs * linked extension commands to their RFCs * removed unidiomatic `()` from instance method links * escaped `IMAP` in a few places * converted all response structs to explicit classes: this makes much nicer rdoc output than listing them all under "constants" * grouped flags constants into their own sections
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Move send_*_data into net/imap/command_datanicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Move flags to net/imap/flagsnicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Move UTF7 & datetime formatting to net/imap/data_encodingnicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] move command data formatters to net/imap/command_datanicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] move response data structs to net/imap/response_datanicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] move ResponseParser to lib/net/imap/response_parsernicholas a. evans
Partially implements #10.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Clean up authenticators rdocnicholas a. evans
Added RFC links to all SASL mechanism specifications.
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Update AUTH=PLAIN to be a little closer to RFC4616nicholas a. evans
* Add authzid support * must not contain NULL chars * improve rdoc
8 days[ruby/net-imap] Move each authenticator to its own filenicholas a. evans
Also updates rdoc with SASL specifications and deprecations. Of these four, only `PLAIN` isn't deprecated! +@@authenticators+ was changed to a class instance var +@authenticators+. No one should have been using the class variable directly, so that should be fine.
8 days[ruby/erb] Document that `<% #` doesn't workTakashi Kokubun
[Bug #17846]
8 daysReuse sysconf resultNobuyoshi Nakada
8 daysRevised PAGE_MAX_SIZE caseNobuyoshi Nakada
8 daysCheck only whether PAGE_SIZE is compile-time constNobuyoshi Nakada