AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-09-15 * test/logger/test_logger.rb: unintentionally overwritten changes bynahi
2005-09-15* 2005-09-16eban
2005-09-15forgot to update some files in the previous soap4r-1.5.5 import.nahi
2005-09-15* lib/webrick/cgi.rb (WEBrick::CGI::Socket#initialize): should setgotoyuzo
2005-09-15 * lib/{soap,wsdl,xsd}, test/{soap,wsdl,xsd}: imported soap4r/1.5.5.nahi
2005-09-15This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ruby_1_8'.(no author)
2005-09-15* win32/win32.h (rb_w32_stat): added prototype.ocean
2005-09-15* test/ruby/test_signal.rb (test_exit_action): skip the test usingusa
2005-09-15* ext/tk/lib/tk/dialog.rb: If a dialog does not show up yet,nagai
2005-09-14(Rinda::TemplateEntry::initialize): pull up method. Tabs converted to spaces.seki
2005-09-14* version.h: updated.matz
2005-09-14* lib/net/telnet.rb (Net::Telnet::waitfor): replace sysread withmatz
2005-09-14* dir.c (ruby_glob): glob function not using ruby exception system.nobu
2005-09-13* 2005-09-14eban
2005-09-13* lib/net/https.rb: backported from trunk, rev 1.3. [ruby-dev:25673] (again),...aamine
2005-09-13 * lib/logger.rb (Logger): added formatter accessor to logger fornahi
2005-09-13* eval.c (BEGIN_CALLARGS): pop halfly pushed status.nobu
2005-09-13* 2005-09-13nobu
2005-09-13* lib/net/http.rb: backported from trunk, rev 1.128. [ruby-dev:25673] [ruby-d...aamine
2005-09-13* lib/yaml.rb: reworking YAML::Stream to use the newwhy
2005-09-13This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ruby_1_8'.(no author)
2005-09-13* lib/yaml.rb: reworking YAML::Stream to use the newwhy
2005-09-12* test/openssl/test_pkcs7.rb (test_enveloped): skip this testgotoyuzo
2005-09-12* test/dbm/test_dbm.rb: remove locking test, which may not bematz
2005-09-12* ext/dl/dl.c (rb_io_to_ptr): merged a patch for DragonFly BSDmatz
2005-09-11set ERB#filename so that it is used when reporting syntax/runtime errors.seki
2005-09-10tiny ChangeLog fixocean
2005-09-10* ext/openssl/ossl_engine.c (ossl_engine_s_by_id):gotoyuzo
2005-09-10these files were forgotten in last commit.gotoyuzo
2005-09-10* ext/openssl/ossl_asn1.c (asn1str_to_str): new function.gotoyuzo
2005-09-10* ext/openssl/ossl_ns_spki.c (ossl_spki_initialize): assume thatgotoyuzo
2005-09-10This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ruby_1_8'.(no author)
2005-09-10* ext/openssl/lib/digest.rb: added SHA224, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512.gotoyuzo
2005-09-10* ext/openssl/ossl.c (ossl_raise): should use ERR_peek_last_errorgotoyuzo
2005-09-09* eval.c (rb_call0): prohibit calling tainted method (>2) whenmatz
2005-09-09* ext/iconv/iconv.c (iconv_try), ext/iconv/extconf.rb: get rid of metanobu
2005-09-09* string.c (rb_str_times): make empty strings to keep taintness,nobu
2005-09-08* merged a patch from Takahiro Kambe <> tomatz
2005-09-07* lib/open-uri.rb: abolish mod === tempfile to avoid a problemakr
2005-09-07* eval.c (rb_thread_switch): convert all exceptions tonobu
2005-09-06* lib/mkmf.rb (what_type?): guesstimate type.nobu
2005-09-06*, (MINIOBJS): miniruby on HP-UX can not loadnobu
2005-09-05document a blocking behavior of IO#eof?.akr