AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2008-08-07* ext/.document: added readline/readline.c.kouji
2008-08-07* transcode_data.h (rb_transcoding): new field "stateful".akr
2008-08-07* ext/readline/README.ja: updated API document for Readline module.kouji
2008-08-07* lib/net/ftp.rb (login): raise FTPReplyError if passwd or acctshugo
2008-08-07fix typokazu
2008-08-07add a comment.akr
2008-08-07* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-imenu-create-index-in-block): Fix theknu
2008-08-07* enc/depend: add transdb.c.nobu
2008-08-07*,, {bcc,win}32/Makefile.sub (clean-ext): do notnobu
2008-08-07* enc/depend: removed needless explicit commands.nobu
2008-08-07* lib/mkmf.rb, {bcc32,win32}/Makefile.sub (CLEANLIBS, CLEANOBJS):nobu
2008-08-07 * ext/socket/getaddrinfo.c (gai_strerror): ignore only on Haiku.usa
2008-08-06fix previous commit.akr
2008-08-06ignore generated files.akr
2008-08-06add comment.naruse
2008-08-06* test/ruby/process.rb (test_popen_fork): skip a test which isnaruse
2008-08-06* config.guess: add powerpc-apple-haiku, i586-pc-haiku.naruse
2008-08-06* eval_intern.h: Add support to Haiku. see [ruby-core:18110]naruse
2008-08-06* mkdir enc/trans before build tables.naruse
2008-08-06* enc/depend: enc/*.c is source but enc/trans/*.c is generated.naruse
2008-08-06* regenc.c (code_to_mbc): raise RangeError Integer#chrnaruse
2008-08-06* gc.c (run_final): runs finalizers with the object terminated.nobu
2008-08-06* enc/depend: for build in other than srcdir.naruse
2008-08-06* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (transcode_generate_node): codeakr
2008-08-06* gc.c (chain_finalized_object): deletes finalizers to be invoked fromnobu
2008-08-06* enc/depend: transcode table generation depends onakr
2008-08-06* gc.c (rb_gc_call_finalizer_at_exit): self-referencing finalizersnobu
2008-08-06* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: distinguish UNDEF and INVALID.akr
2008-08-06useless comment removed.akr
2008-08-06add tests for [ruby-dev:35726] and [ruby-dev:35709].akr
2008-08-06* (transdb.h): requires transcoders.nobu
2008-08-06 * enc/depend: replace not only $(<:...) but also $<.usa
2008-08-06 * win32/Makefile.sub (config.status): export BASERUBY.usa
2008-08-06 * win32/Makefile.sub (config.status): export BASERUBY.usa
2008-08-05* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb (ActionMap#eql?): use == to compare @map.akr
2008-08-05* tool/transcode-tblgen.rb: show generating tables in verbose mode.akr
2008-08-05* thread.c (thread_start_func_2): propagates fatal error and systemnobu
2008-08-05* encoding.c (rb_to_encoding_index, rb_to_encoding): check if the namenobu
2008-08-05* transcode.c (str_encode): no need to duplicate first.nobu
2008-08-05* array.c (rb_ary_sort_bang): reset to real class.nobu
2008-08-05* (transcodes), tool/build-transcode: generates transcodenobu
2008-08-05* 2008-08-06svn
2008-08-05* enc/depend: added rules for .c from .erb.c.nobu
2008-08-05* tool/build-transcode: new file.akr
2008-08-05* test/io/nonblock/test_flush.rb (TestIONonblock#test_flush):kazu
2008-08-05* lib/net/ftp.rb (chdir): handle 5xx errors correctly.shugo
2008-08-05* include/ruby/win32.h, bcc32/Makefile.sub (config.h): bcc 5.8 hasnobu
2008-08-05* lib/net/imap.rb (disconnect): do not refer SSL::SSLSocket forshugo
2008-08-05* file.c (rb_stat_mode): generalized st_mode mask.nobu
2008-08-05* io.c (retry_sendfile, retry_read): ENOSYS and EWOULDBLOCK are notnobu