AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2005-06-30* lib/irb/ruby-lex.rb (RubyLex::identify_number): should not treatmatz
2005-06-30add a test for [ruby-dev:26383].akr
2005-06-30* 2005-06-30eban
2005-06-30* eval.c (rb_eval): pre-evaluate argument for unambiguousmatz
2005-06-30* eval.c (rb_eval): pre-evaluate argument for unambiguousmatz
2005-06-28* 2005-06-28eban
2005-06-28* dir.c, eval.c, hash.c, process.c, ruby.c: avoid warning "unusedocean
2005-06-25* lib/webrick/httputils.rb (WEBrick::HTTPUtils.parse_query): shouldgotoyuzo
2005-06-25* enum.c (enum_min, enum_max): do not ignore nil as the first element.nobu
2005-06-25* ext/sdbm/init.c (fsdbm_select): SDBM#select had returned the arrayocean
2005-06-25* 2005-06-25nobu
2005-06-24* lib/xmlrpc/*, test/xmlrpc/*: backported changes from HEAD into 1.8mneumann
2005-06-24* lib/uri/common.rb, lib/uri/generic.rb: fixed typo in documents andakira
2005-06-24* 2005-06-24eban
2005-06-24* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: fix typo on Tk.grid_propagate.nagai
2005-06-23* runruby.rb: should load built rbconfig.rb.nobu
2005-06-23* 2005-06-23eban
2005-06-23fixed typo in the example of URI.extract.akira
2005-06-23* ext/tk/lib/tk/canvastag.rb: cannot include given items.nagai
2005-06-20* eval.c (FUNCTION_CALL_MAY_RETURN_TWICE): DUMMY_SETJMP is replacedakr
2005-06-20* ChangeLog: add ML index.usa
2005-06-20* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_closed): new method DBM#closed?usa
2005-06-19* gc.c (define_final): document fix: finalizers never get callednobu
2005-06-19* 2005-06-20eban
2005-06-19* ext/openssl/openssl_missing.c, ext/openssl/ossl.h,gotoyuzo
2005-06-19* 2005-06-19nobu
2005-06-19* gc.c (run_final): commit miss to add new variable.nobu
2005-06-19* gc.c (run_final): reduce unnecessary object allocation duringnobu
2005-06-17* lib/time.rb (Time.parse): fix previous leap seconds support.akr
2005-06-16* 2005-06-17eban
2005-06-16add tests for leapseconds on an environment without leapseconds support.akr
2005-06-16* lib/tkextlib/SUPPOPRT_STATUS: add RELEASE_DATE information.nagai
2005-06-16* ext/tcltklib/tcltklib.c (ip_rb_threadVwaitCommand): Tcl_Release was missing.ocean
2005-06-16* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: add Tk.getMultiple{Open|Save}File() which returnnagai
2005-06-16* lib/time.rb (Time.parse): "Fri Jan 1 08:59:60 +0900 1999" wasakr
2005-06-15* ext/dl/sym.c (rb_dlsym_call): needs FREE_ARGS before return.ocean
2005-06-15* 2005-06-16eban
2005-06-15* ext/tk/sample/demos-jp/ctext.rb: modify improper message text.nagai
2005-06-15* 2005-06-15nobu
2005-06-15* ext/tk/tk.rb: support "tk inactive" sub-command. [for Tcl/Tk8.5a3]nagai
2005-06-14* ext/tk/tkutil.c: forgot update RELEASE_DATEnagai
2005-06-13* 2005-06-14eban
2005-06-13* ext/tk/tkutil.c: add TkUtil::CallbackSubst.subst_arg(m, ...) &nagai
2005-06-13* hash.c (ruby_setenv): fixed SEGV. [ruby-dev:26186]ocean
2005-06-12* 2005-06-13eban
2005-06-12* signal.c (sigexit): call rb_thread_signal_exit() instead ofmatz
2005-06-10* 2005-06-10nobu
2005-06-10* missing.h: fd_set stuffs need sys/types.h. fixed: [ruby-core:05179]nobu
2005-06-09* ext/Win32API/Win32API.c (Win32API_Call): disable globalnobu
2005-06-09* enum.c (enum_inject): default the result value to Qundef to usenobu