AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-04-20* sample/test.rb: avoid the MSVCRT *printf problem(float).eban
2003-04-20* marshal.c (w_float): append least mantissa bits to get ridnobu
2003-04-20* win32/win32.c (NtInitialize): set the floating-point control wordeban
2003-04-20modify typo.aamine
2003-04-19* parse.y (void_expr0): node might become NULL after calling remove_begin().eban
2003-04-19* ext/Setup*: Add zlib and remove bogus and obsolete entries.knu
2003-04-18* struct.c (rb_struct_eql): should compare values with "eql?".matz
2003-04-18* error.c (rb_raise): workaround for some implementation ofusa
2003-04-17* util.c (ruby_strtod): improved conversion accuracy.nobu
2003-04-17Bug in negative.exp(n) reported by Hitoshi Miyazaki fixed.shigek
2003-04-17* ext/dbm/dbm.c (each_pair): add prototype to avoid VC++ warnings.usa
2003-04-17* parse.y (cond0): warn only range literals whose both side arenobu
2003-04-17* ext/readline/readline.c: add the defined operator for bcc32.eban
2003-04-15* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-special-char-p): should test at thenobu
2003-04-15* lib/net/fileutils.rb: rm_r should raise Errno::ENOENT if file not exist. [r...aamine
2003-04-15* struct.c (rb_struct_hash): new methods Struct#hash, Struct#eql?.nobu
2003-04-15* numeric.c (rb_fix2str): buffer was insufficient.nobu
2003-04-14* file.c (file_expand_path): root must follow buf whennobu
2003-04-14* rubyio.h (struct OpenFile): add error raise flag to finalizer.matz
2003-04-14* bignum.c (rb_cstr_to_inum, rb_big2str): allow 2-36 as radix.nobu
2003-04-12* lib/mkmf.rb (try_func): remove COMMON_HEADERS at first for performance.eban
2003-04-12* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-forward-sexp): missed argument for forward-word.nobu
2003-04-12* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-beginning-of-arg): substitutenobu
2003-04-11* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_stat): check arguments. [ruby-dev:20007]nobu
2003-04-11* sample/test.rb: NaN comparison test.nobu
2003-04-11* numeric.c (coerce_rescue): prevent inspected String from GC.nobu
2003-04-11* file.c (rb_stat): dereference using StringValuePtr().matz
2003-04-11* lib/benchmark.rb (Benchmark::bm): get rid of warning.nobu
2003-04-10* io.c (set_stdin): assigned value must respond to "read" andnobu
2003-04-10* lib/net/pop.rb: Exception line was accidentaly removed. [ruby-dev:19989]aamine
2003-04-10added some checks for request size.tadf
2003-04-10* variable.c (rb_mod_name): always return empty string formatz
2003-04-09* variable.c (rb_mod_name): search module path if classname is notmatz
2003-04-09* eval.c (rb_obj_is_method): indefinite return value.nobu
2003-04-09* regex.c (re_compile_pattern): /[\--\-]/ was warned. warn /]/.akr
2003-04-09* time.c (time_strftime): RSTRING(format)->ptr might become NULL.nobu
2003-04-09* variable.c (rb_obj_remove_instance_variable): better message.matz
2003-04-09* gc.c (rb_gc_mark_children): introduce this function again; thismatz
2003-04-09* bignum.c (bigdivmod): small typo.matz
2003-04-09* bignum.c (BIGZEROP): macro to determine if x is a bignum zero.matz