AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2003-12-10* io.c (read_all): should return given string even if data read ismatz
2003-12-10* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_read): adjust behavior at readingnobu
2003-12-10* ChangeLog: fix comments.eban
2003-12-10* test/monitor/test_monitor.rb (test_cond): use Queue#deqshugo
2003-12-10* ext/pty/pty.c (HAVE_SYS_IOCTL_H): already defined at config.h, sousa
2003-12-10* win32/win32.h: define execv() using do_aspawn().eban
2003-12-09* overrided instance methods, which are private methods on the supernagai
2003-12-09make case insensitive for host-part.akira
2003-12-09add test for previous change to io.c.akr
2003-12-09io.c (rb_io_check_writable): don't call io_seek if EOF flag is set,akr
2003-12-09* io.c (rb_io_check_readable): Don't clear EOF flag by io_seek.akr
2003-12-09Added downcased shift-jis declarations. The old, all upper case declarationsser
2003-12-09* Added the lower-case Shift-JIS files to the manifest. The upper-case onesser
2003-12-09* typonagai
2003-12-08* new sample scriptnagai
2003-12-08 * lib/test/unit/assertions.rb: renamed #assert_raises to #assert_raisentalbott
2003-12-08 * lib/soap/rpc/standaloneServer.rb: add 'shutdown' and 'status'nahi
2003-12-08* lib/test/unit/autorunner.rb: remove dependency to a particularnobu
2003-12-08* ext/syck/syck.c (syck_io_str_read): get rid of buffer overflow.nobu
2003-12-08* lib/uri/common.rb: new method URI.regexp. [ruby-dev:22121]aamine
2003-12-08* lib/uri/common.rb: new method URI.regexp. [ruby-dev:22121]aamine
2003-12-08* pack.c: define swap16 and swap32 only if they are notmatz
2003-12-07add iconv.rb and config.charset.akr
2003-12-07sort aliases.akr
2003-12-07* ext/iconv/iconv.c (map_charset): make case sensitive.akr
2003-12-07Support inline source in Kilmer templatedave
2003-12-06no need to care SSL_ERROR_NONE and SSL_ERROR_WANT_X509_LOOKUP.gotoyuzo
2003-12-06* ext/openssl/ossl_ssl.c (ossl_start_ssl): new function to wrapgotoyuzo
2003-12-06* io.c (flush_before_seek): flush before seek on any platform.eban
2003-12-06 * lib/soap/soap.rb(SOAP::Env.getenv): allow upcase environment variablenahi
2003-12-05* lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions::assert_raises,nobu
2003-12-05 * lib/soap/netHttpClient.rb: proxy support did not work. fixed.nahi
2003-12-05* eval.c (rb_exec_end_proc): maintain tmp_end_procs.matz
2003-12-05* eval.c (rb_exec_end_proc): should not clear end_procs andmatz
2003-12-05* test/ruby/test_pipe.rb: use IO.pipe instead of IO.popen.akr
2003-12-05MANIFEST: add files.nobu
2003-12-05* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_read): follow IO#read.nobu
2003-12-04* dln.c (aix_loaderror): should not use member named 'errno' whichmatz
2003-12-04* lib/test/unit/assertions.rb (Test::Unit::Assertions::assert_raises):nobu
2003-12-04Try to give nicer error messages on internal failuresdave
2003-12-04* lib/drb/drb.rb (DRb::DRbMessage::send_request, send_reply):nobu
2003-12-04* parse.y (exc_list): allow expanding list. [ruby-dev:22134]nobu