AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2004-01-09 * lib/test/unit/collector/dir.rb: do not ignore exceptions(LoadErrornahi
2004-01-09* rubysig.h: <errno.h> is needed to use errno which may be a macro.nobu
2004-01-09* ext/extmk.rb (extmake): should not reduce necessary libraries.nobu
2004-01-09* lib/mkmf.rb (libpathflag): use single quotes. [ruby-dev:22440]nobu
2004-01-08* (RDOCTARGET): new macro. if you want to installeban
2004-01-08* ext/openssl/ossl_pkey.c (ossl_pkey_to_der): removed; it returnsgotoyuzo
2004-01-08* dir.c (glob_helper): should not recurse in exceptional status.nobu
2004-01-08 * test/wsdl/datetime/test_datetime.rb: fixed a stupid testcase whichnahi
2004-01-08* eval.c, object.c, process.c, re.c: don't use C++ style comments.eban
2004-01-07* ext/syck/rubyext.c (yaml_org_handler): lazy-load Date fornobu
2004-01-07* ext/extmk.rb: preserve order in Setup. [ruby-dev:22503]nobu
2004-01-07* lib/webrick/cgi.rb (WEBrick::CGI#initialize): should creategotoyuzo
2004-01-07* dir.c (glob_helper): fix memory leak.nobu
2004-01-07* eval.c (rb_mod_modfunc): should break if m has no super class.matz
2004-01-07* sample/webrick/*: new files.gotoyuzo
2004-01-07* test/net/test_httpheader.rb: new file.aamine
2004-01-07* lib/net/http.rb (HTTPHeader#content_length): should return nil unless heade...aamine
2004-01-07fix typos.akr
2004-01-07* ext/tk/lib/tk.rb: use epath for embedded windows of TkPanedWindow.nagai
2004-01-07 * lib/soap/{attachment.rb,mimemessage.rb}: added from soap4r/1.5.2.nahi
2004-01-07Fix problem with agreesive name matching (see ChangeLog)dave
2004-01-07 * lib/debug.rb: revert command parse regexps. [ruby-list:39014] bynahi
2004-01-06Check for shebang line in file that would otherwise be treated as plain textdave
2004-01-06* io.c (fptr_finalize): should save errno just after failure.nobu
2004-01-06 * lib/logger.rb(Logger#msg2str): no special treatment for the objectnahi
2004-01-06Split out ri display code and make pluggabledave
2004-01-06 * test/inlinetest.rb, test/{test_generator.rb,test_ipaddr.rb,nahi
2004-01-06 * import soap4r/1.5.2;nahi
2004-01-05Removed ^Msgsinclair
2004-01-05Add RDoc to build. Add --ri-system to RDocdave
2004-01-05* win32/dir.h, win32/win32.c: fix patch miss.usa
2004-01-05 * lib/logger.rb: enhanced documentation.gsinclair
2004-01-05* dir.c: merge tuning from H.Yamamoto <>.matz
2004-01-05Add --ri-system optiondave
2004-01-04* test/ruby/test_pack.rb: new test test_unpack_N.aamine
2004-01-04* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): remove duplicated object filesusa
2004-01-03* rubysig.h: lack of variable declaration on _WIN32 platforms.matz
2004-01-02* rubysig.h (TRAP_END): preserve errno before switching context.matz
2004-01-02* dir.c: merge tuning from H.Yamamoto <>.matz
2004-01-02Finish documenting internal stuff. See Changelog for other detailsdave
2004-01-01* text formatnahi
2004-01-01Fix problem with ambiguous nested classesdave
2003-12-31 * lib/pathname.rb: Corrected small coding error.gsinclair
2003-12-31 * lib/pathname.rb: Completed documentation.gsinclair