AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-09internal.h: remove dependecy on ruby/io.hnobu
2018-01-09compile.c (iseq_compile_each0): remove irrelevant tracecoveragemame
2018-01-09Allow `-> do rescue; end` as well as `proc do rescue; end`mame
2018-01-09parse.y: Remove redefinition of mallocmame
2018-01-09parse.y: PARSER_DEBUG is no longer usedmame
2018-01-09parse.y: Remove meaningless ifndef guardsmame
2018-01-09Explicit failure in VM_CHECK_MODE when failing to create timer threadmame (srcs_vpath): renamed for nmakenobu
2018-01-09use predefined ids in a few more placesnormal update srcdir filesnobu
2018-01-09parse.y: set ID to yylval ID instead of tokennobu
2018-01-09parse.y: Remove special handling of tOROP and tANDOPmame
2018-01-09.gdbinit (print_lineno): follow up changes in r61534, r61536ktsj
2018-01-09parse.y: use change_shortcut_operator_idnobu
2018-01-09wrap statement expression with __extension__nobu
2018-01-09parse.y: Remove duplicated nd_line setyui-knk
2018-01-08vm.c: remove extra ifdefnobu
2018-01-08use `getblockparamproxy` to pass blocks.ko1
2018-01-08fix a bug only on assertion.ko1
2018-01-08* 2018-01-09svn
2018-01-08fix mark miss of Env (which is pointed by prev_ep).ko1
2018-01-08parse.y: Make consistent with the terms about code ranges and locationsmame
2018-01-08parse.y (remove_duplicate_keys): Remove a not used argumentyui-knk
2018-01-08parse.y: Factor out code fragments that merges two code rangesmame
2018-01-08parse.y (block_append_gen): Remove a not used argumentyui-knk
2018-01-08parse.y: Use nd_loc of head and tailyui-knk
2018-01-08parse.y: Fix the lineno of nd_set_lineyui-knk
2018-01-08net/http: clear compressed chunk after decompressionnormal
2018-01-08Update minitest-5.11.1hsbt
2018-01-08parse.y: Remove dispose_stringmame
2018-01-08vm_insnhelper.c: vm_invoke_block_opt_callnobu
2018-01-08vm.c: respect redefinition of Proc#callnobu
2018-01-08Add parens [ci skip]kazu
2018-01-08node.c: show newline node marknobu
2018-01-08parse.y: Use last_loc.lineno instead of ruby_sourcelinemame
2018-01-08parse.y: Remove `$<num>$ = ruby_sourceline` hacksmame
2018-01-08compile.c: compile_case2 branchnobu
2018-01-08parse.y: constified NULL_LOCnobu
2018-01-08doc/NEWS-2.5.0: is a class methodmrkn
2018-01-08parse.y: Factor out special handling of a short-cut operator idmame
2018-01-08parse.y: Remove duplicated nd_loc setyui-knk
2018-01-08parse.y: Embed simple wrapper functions for NEW_NODEsmame
2018-01-08parse.y: Make NULL_LOC to be internalyui-knk
2018-01-08parse.y: Remove unneeded wrapper functions for NEW_NODEsmame
2018-01-08parse.y: set bison's first_loc.lineno to nd_line by defaultmame
2018-01-08parse.y: make all NEW_NODE macros receive locationmame
2018-01-08zlib: reduce garbage on Zlib::GzipReader#readpartialnormal
2018-01-08open-uri: clear string after bufferingnormal
2018-01-08net/protocol: read directly into rbuf if it's emptynormal