AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-26* test/rinda/test_rinda.rb (class TupleSpaceTest): kill a used threadtarui
2010-05-26* test/open-uri/test_open-uri.rb (test_find_proxy_case_sensitive_env):usa
2010-05-26* test/test_tempfile.rb: skip some tests on Windows because unlinking is alwaysusa
2010-05-26* random.c (random_rand): subtraction method of non-numeric cannobu
2010-05-26document marshal_dump and marshal_loaddrbrain
2010-05-26* (rb_cv_large_fd_select): needed on mingw, evennobu
2010-05-25* 2010-05-26svn
2010-05-25* regparse.c (add_code_range_to_buf0): fix false negativenaruse
2010-05-25update doc.akr
2010-05-25refine an assertion.akr
2010-05-25* misc/ruby-style.el (ruby-style-version): take revision ifnobu
2010-05-25* test/test_find.rb: skip some tests on Windows.usa
2010-05-25* include/ruby/vm.h, include/ruby/encoding.h: add externalnobu
2010-05-25Ignore Makefile etc of json, fiddle and io/console.naruse
2010-05-24* 2010-05-25svn
2010-05-24* vm_eval.c (rb_f_caller): update rdoc. a patch from Nobuhiro IMAImame
2010-05-24* error.c: fix wrong exception class name in rdoc.akr
2010-05-24fix typo.akr
2010-05-24add an assertion.akr
2010-05-24* parse.y (warn_balanced, parser_yylex): no warnings after closingnobu
2010-05-24* (change, prelude): phony targets.nobu
2010-05-24* tool/change_maker.rb: line number may not present.nobu
2010-05-24* tool/change_maker.rb: use external diff for -p option.nobu
2010-05-24 * (change), tool/change_maker.rb: make a brief templatenobu
2010-05-24* gc.c (gc_sweep): suppres a warning on VC.usa
2010-05-23* process.c (rb_f_spawn): use correct command name for the errornobu
2010-05-23* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/x509-internal.rb, lib/forwardable.rb,nobu
2010-05-23* parse.y (warn_balanced): no warning for singleton class.nobu
2010-05-23* include/ruby/ruby.h (CONST_ID_CACHE, rb_intern_const): suppressnobu
2010-05-22* 2010-05-23svn
2010-05-22* ext/psych/lib/psych/json/stream.rb: adding a JSON streaming APItenderlove
2010-05-22* numeric.c (rb_num2ulong): explicit cast to suppress a warning.nobu
2010-05-21* 2010-05-22svn
2010-05-21 * cont.c (fiber_setcontext): Use swapcontext() instead longjmp().kosaki
2010-05-21* ext/nkf/nkf.c (rb_nkf_convert, rb_nkf_guess): check too hugenobu
2010-05-21* ext/syck/implicit.c (YYFILL): suppress warnings.nobu
2010-05-21* (warnflags): removed -pedantic after all.nobu
2010-05-21* suppress warnings.nobu
2010-05-21* fixed typo.nobu
2010-05-21* (warnflags): add -pedantic if gcc.nobu
2010-05-21fix typoskazu
2010-05-21* (LIBRUBYARG_SHARED): shared library will not benobu
2010-05-21* ruby.c (ruby_init_loadpath_safe): use real path for non-sharednobu
2010-05-21* vm.c (vm_backtrace_each), vm_eval.c (rb_catch_obj): suppressnobu
2010-05-21* marshal.c (w_float): use dtoa directly instead of strippingnobu
2010-05-20* 2010-05-21svn
2010-05-20* thread.c (subtract_tv): if the rest is zero, should finish waitingusa
2010-05-20* re.c (rb_reg_s_union_m): update rdoc. [ruby-dev:41354]mame
2010-05-20* vm_eval.c (rb_f_caller): update rdoc. a patch from Nobuhiro IMAImame
2010-05-20* vm.c (vm_backtrace_each): now takes an init function to distinguishmame