AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-12-27* wince/config, wince/configure.bat: replace 1.7 with 1.8uema2
2002-12-27* instruby.rb: fileutils.rb accepts only one argument.aamine
2002-12-27* lib/fileutils.rb (fu_parseargs): reject illegal options correctly.aamine
2002-12-26* instruby.rb: check only `-' option, and use fileutils instead ofnobu
2002-12-26 * lib/net/telnet.rb: Telnet#print not add "\n".wakou
2002-12-26commit miss.eban
2002-12-26* cleanups for MinGW. remove -D__NO_ISOCEXT in $CFLAGS.eban
2002-12-26* ext/extmk.rb (create_makefile): check only `-' option.eban
2002-12-26* win32/setup.mak (-prologue-): moved srcdir macro definition.usa
2002-12-25exiled historical RD inclusion, wrong [ruby-dev:19191]gotoken
2002-12-25* regex.c (re_match_exec): fix odd \G behavior based on the patchmatz
2002-12-25* bcc32/setup.mak (-generic-): removed garbages.nobu
2002-12-25* bcc32/Makefile.sub, win32/Makefile.sub (RUBY_SO_NAME, config.h):usa
2002-12-24Synchronize with reality.knu
2002-12-24* lib/irb/completion.rb: Use Object#class rather than Object#type.knu
2002-12-24* lib/cgi.rb (Cookie::parse), lib/cgi-lib.rb (initialize): Do notknu
2002-12-24* numeric.c (DBL_MAX_10_EXP): fix typo. [ruby-dev:36826]usa
2002-12-24* class.c (ins_methods_i): should not show ID_ALLOCATOR.matz
2002-12-24Convert RD to Rdoc.knu
2002-12-23* lib/README: Synchronize with reality.knu
2002-12-23* MANIFEST, lib/README, lib/ipaddr.rb: Add ipaddr.rb from rough.knu
2002-12-23Rename an argument name to avoid a potential clash.knu
2002-12-21* ext/dbm/dbm.c (fdbm_alloc): allocator takes only one argument.usa
2002-12-21* array.c (ary_alloc), dir.c (dir_s_alloc), eval.c (thgroup_s_alloc),usa
2002-12-21* lib/mkmf.rb (create_makefile): accept pure ruby libraries.eban
2002-12-20* misc/ruby-mode.el (ruby-parse-partial): keywords must not benobu
2002-12-20* ext/curses/curses.c, ext/digest/digest.c, ext/dl/handle.c,nobu
2002-12-20* io.c (rb_io_fwrite): separated from io_write().nobu
2002-12-20* object.c (Init_Object): should not remove Class#allocate.matz
2002-12-20* parse.y (do_block): split "do" block and tLBRACE_ARG block.matz
2002-12-20Fix a fatal typo. (pointed out by Jim Freeze)knu
2002-12-19Be consistent on the use of the implicit $_.knu
2002-12-19Fix a bug.knu
2002-12-19The use of $_ and ~/RE/ is discouraged.knu
2002-12-19Strive to give better examples.knu
2002-12-19* lib/README, lib/cgi/ftplib.rb, lib/telnet.rb: Delete ftplib.rbknu
2002-12-19Delete final.rb.knu
2002-12-19* lib/tempfile.rb: Embed Rdoc style comments.knu
2002-12-19Add Tempfile#close!() as a shorthand for Tempfile#close(true).knu
2002-12-19Delete final.rb, which was obsoleted long ago.knu
2002-12-19* re.c (rb_reg_match_pre, rb_reg_match_post, match_to_a,nobu
2002-12-19* numeric.c (DBL_EPSILON): fix typo.usa
2002-12-19[BUG] not SEGV.nobu
2002-12-19* eval.c (assign): avoid SEGV at multiple attribute assignment.nobu