AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2009-08-05* ext/digest/sha2/sha2.[ch]: Update to 1.0 RELEASE which fixes anknu
2009-08-05* 2009-08-06svn
2009-08-05* lib/ipaddr.rb (IPAddr#hash): Take account of netmask; submittedknu
2009-08-05* ruby.c (load_file_internal): assumes -x flag if no "ruby" is innobu
2009-08-05* io.c (rb_stdio_set_default_encoding): prototyped.nobu
2009-08-05* ruby.c (rb_stdio_set_default_encoding): declared.naruse
2009-08-05* debug.c (ruby_dummy_gdb_enums): made public. [ruby-dev:39001]nobu
2009-08-05* range.c (range_eql, range_eq): fixed equality to work formatz
2009-08-05* bootstraptest/test_exception.rb: test for [ruby-core:24767].nobu
2009-08-05* eval.c (rb_exc_raise, rb_exc_fatal): require exception object.nobu
2009-08-05* eval.c (rb_longjmp): reset raised flag before fatal error.nobu
2009-08-05Fix test for previous commit.naruse
2009-08-05Fix error message of /.../n with embeded non ASCII-8BIT string.naruse
2009-08-04* lib/test/unit.rb (Test::Unit.setup_argv): expands paths beforenobu
2009-08-04* lib/pp.rb (guard_inspect_key): untrust internal hash to preventmame
2009-08-04* lib/rdoc/parser/c.rb: fixed a small error in the documentation.nobu
2009-08-04 * win32/win32.c (has_redirection): need to execute shell if commandlineusa
2009-08-04* lib/ipaddr.rb (IPAddr#{eql?,hash}): Add IPAddr#{eql?,hash} soknu
2009-08-04Warn duplicated characters in character class of regexp. [ruby-core:24593]naruse
2009-08-04* enc/encdb.c (ENC_SET_BASE): fix typo. patch by ujihisa [ruby-dev:39004]naruse
2009-08-04More strict for Big5 series.naruse
2009-08-04Add functions and macros for second encoding definitions.naruse
2009-08-03* hash.c (rb_hash_replace): should copy compare_by_identity status as well.matz
2009-08-03* thread.c (recursive_push): need to set UNTRUST. [ruby-dev:38997]matz
2009-08-03* 2009-08-04svn
2009-08-03* ext/tk/lib/tcltklib.c: fix trouble on old-style C functionnagai
2009-08-03* eval.c (rb_mod_include): fix document. [ruby-core:24675]mame
2009-08-03* sample/svr.rb: obsolete TCPserver renamed. [ruby-core:24712]matz
2009-08-03* thread.c (recursive_push): untrust internal hash to preventmatz
2009-08-03* lib/README: updated. a patch from Daniel Bovensiepen.matz
2009-08-03 * win32/win32.c (rb_w32_connect): return value was broken when someusa
2009-08-03* bootstraptest/runner.rb: forgot shebang line.nobu
2009-08-03* array.c (permute0): use chars for boolean array.nobu
2009-08-03* array.c (rb_ary_{permutation,combination}): disallow reentrancenobu
2009-08-03* bootstraptest/runner.rb: got rid of using /bin/sh.nobu
2009-08-03* numeric.c (flo_hash): normalize -0.0 to 0.0. [ruby-core:24577]matz
2009-08-03* array.c (rb_ary_{permutation,combination,product}): must not usenobu
2009-08-02* 2009-08-03svn
2009-08-02* random.c (rb_random_int): arguments have to be converted tonobu
2009-08-02* bootstraptest/runner.rb: made executable.nobu
2009-08-02* parse.y (literal_concat0): tail can be nil. [ruby-dev:38980]nobu
2009-08-02* array.c (rb_ary_combination, rb_ary_product): prevent from GC.nobu
2009-08-02* test/ruby/test_rand.rb: add tests for Random#float's rejectionmame
2009-08-02* random.c (rand_int): prevent from GC.nobu
2009-08-01* 2009-08-02svn
2009-08-01* test/ripper/test_filter.rb: properties.nobu
2009-08-01* string.c (tr_trans): change condition of singlebyte optimization.naruse
2009-08-01* random.c (random_float): rejects Infinity and NaN.nobu
2009-08-01* tool/rbinstall.rb (gem): suppressed warnings.nobu
2009-07-31* 2009-08-01svn