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2020-11-22Add string encoding IBM720 alias CP720 (#3803)Lars Kanis
The mapping table is generated from the ICU project: Fixes bug 16233 : Notes: Merged-By: nurse <>
2020-11-22[ruby/irb] Stop using bang version for #inspect of resultaycabta
2020-11-22[ruby/irb] Add a fallback for check_code_block that does not depend on ↵Benoit Daloze
implementation-private APIs * Fixes
2020-11-22[ruby/irb] support more body argument for oneliner method definitionNobuhiro IMAI
2020-11-22Suppress a unused-variable warningNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22rubyspec-capiext: Use plain DLDFLAGS without flags for librubyNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-21Clarify the intention of the include guardTakashi Kokubun
This was a leftover of 27d5af59a359909e0d434459c30cfc0940f60a5b.
2020-11-21Make c_file / so_file construction consistentTakashi Kokubun
convert_unit_to_func's c_func / so_func construction is unnecessarily complicated while it's not really safer than what compact_all_jit_code does. So I changed convert_unit_to_func to be consistent with compact_all_jit_code.
2020-11-21Make sure all threads are scanned on unload_unitsTakashi Kokubun
This has been a TODO since 79df14c04b. While adcf0316d1 covered the root_fiber of the initial thread, it didn't cover root_fibers of other threads. Now it's hooked properly in rb_threadptr_root_fiber_setup. With regards to "XXX: Is this mjit_cont `mjit_cont_free`d?", when rb_threadptr_root_fiber_release is called, although I'm not sure when th->root_fiber is truthy, fiber_free seems to call cont_free and mjit_cont_free. So mjit_conts of root_fibers seem to be freed properly.
2020-11-22dist: added DISTOPTS and PKGSDIRNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22make-snapshot: don't store symlinks by 7z for reproduceable pacakgesNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22make-snapshot: measure archiving timesNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22make-snapshot: suppress messages copying cached files unless verboseNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22make-snapshot: clean autoconf caches for reproduceable packagesNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-22* 2020-11-22 [ci skip]git
2020-11-21[Bug #17021] Make host_* values consistent with target_*Nobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-21Added rubyspec-capiext targetNobuyoshi Nakada
This target builds extensions for rubyspec optional C-API tests.
2020-11-21Remove the unused o_file definitionTakashi Kokubun
It's calculated inside compile_c_to_so again.
2020-11-20Fix wrong #ifdef usages with #ifTakashi Kokubun
Apparently #ifdef is always true
2020-11-20Unify some confusing macro usagesTakashi Kokubun
_MSC_VER used to be the macro to switch JIT compaction. However, since d4381d2ceb, the correct macro to switch it was changed from _MSC_VER to _WIN32. As I didn't properly replace all relevant _MSC_VER usages to _WIN32, these macros have been used inconsistently. nobu replaced _WIN32 with USE_HEADER_TRANSFORMATION in 5eb446d12f3. Therefore we had USE_HEADER_TRANSFORMATION and _MSC_VER. This commit makes sure such inconsistent _MSC_VER usages will be unified to the new header, also renaming it to USE_JIT_COMPACTION to be more precise about the requirements. The header transformation itself is not quite relevant to places changed in this commit.
2020-11-20Minor fixes to NEWS for String subclass method change [ci skip]Jeremy Evans
2020-11-20Shrink the blocking region for compile_compact_jit_codeTakashi Kokubun
Isn't setting `in_compact = true` enough to avoid a race condition between JIT compaction and unload_units? Now I think it is. This change will make it easier to spend more time on compile_compact_jit_code. For now it seems to take only 0.0723ms though.
2020-11-20Remove obsoleted str_new_emptyTakashi Kokubun
since 58325daae3beefda13ed100782cd19a89cc68771. ../string.c:1339:1: warning: ‘str_new_empty’ defined but not used [-Wunused-function] 1339 | str_new_empty(VALUE str) | ^~~~~~~~~~~~~
2020-11-20Eliminate IVC sync between JIT and Ruby threads (#3799)Takashi Kokubun
Thanks to Ractor ( and, inline caches support parallel access now. Notes: Merged-By: k0kubun <>
2020-11-20Update NEWS for String subclass method change [ci skip]Jeremy Evans
2020-11-20Make String methods return String instances when called on a subclass instanceJeremy Evans
This modifies the following String methods to return String instances instead of subclass instances: * String#* * String#capitalize * String#center * String#chomp * String#chop * String#delete * String#delete_prefix * String#delete_suffix * String#downcase * String#dump * String#each/#each_line * String#gsub * String#ljust * String#lstrip * String#partition * String#reverse * String#rjust * String#rpartition * String#rstrip * String#scrub * String#slice! * String#slice/#[] * String#split * String#squeeze * String#strip * String#sub * String#succ/#next * String#swapcase * String#tr * String#tr_s * String#upcase This also fixes a bug in String#swapcase where it would return the receiver instead of a copy of the receiver if the receiver was the empty string. Some string methods were left to return subclass instances: * String#+@ * String#-@ Both of these methods will return the receiver (subclass instance) in some cases, so it is best to keep the returned class consistent. Fixes [#10845] Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20[DOC] Ripper.{lex,tokenize} now always return full tokens. [ci skip]Nobuhiro IMAI
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-21* 2020-11-21 [ci skip]git
2020-11-20Do not allow Module#include to insert modules before the origin in the ↵Jeremy Evans
lookup chain Module#include should only be able to insert modules after the origin, otherwise it ends up working like Module#prepend. This fixes the case where one of the modules in the included module chain is included in a module that is already prepended to the receiver. Fixes [Bug #7844] Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20Update expected IRB resultNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-20[Feature #17276] Moved raise_errors support to Ripper::Lexer#parseNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-20[Bug #11213] let defined?(super) call respond_to_missing?Nobuyoshi Nakada
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20Try to fix download errorKazuhiro NISHIYAMA ``` tool/downloader.rb:243:in `rescue in download': failed to download config.guess (RuntimeError) OpenURI::HTTPError: 403 Forbidden: ``` Notes: Merged:
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20fix codeS-H-GAMELINKS
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20add flo_prev_or_next funcS-H-GAMELINKS
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-20Ripper.{lex,tokenize} return full tokens even if syntax errorNobuhiro IMAI
yet another implements [Feature #17276]
2020-11-20* 2020-11-20 [ci skip]git
2020-11-20Document Different Coverage ModesKevin Murphy
This commits adds in documentation to illustrate the different modes you can start coverage with. Examples are provided to show how to start each of these modes, along with an explanation of the mode and a description of the output. Notes: Merged:
2020-11-19Added assertionsNobuyoshi Nakada
2020-11-19Update the default gems section in NEWS.mdHiroshi SHIBATA
2020-11-19Make RubyVM::InstructionSequence.compile_file use same encoding as loadJeremy Evans
This switches the internal function from rb_parser_compile_file_path to rb_parser_load_file, which is the same internal method that Kernel#load uses. Fixes [Bug #17308] Notes: Merged:
2020-11-19* 2020-11-19 [ci skip]git
2020-11-19Fix USE_TRANSIENT_HEAP macro usage in hash.cCristian Greco
Additionally fix some typos in transient heap. Notes: Merged:
2020-11-18[ruby/net-smtp] Bump version to 0.2.1Hiroshi SHIBATA
2020-11-18Update TypeProf to 0.6.1Yusuke Endoh
Notes: Merged:
2020-11-17Update documentation for Ripper.{lex,tokenize,sexp,sexp_raw} [ci skip]Jeremy Evans
2020-11-17Support raise_errors keyword for Ripper.{lex,tokenize,sexp,sexp_raw}Jeremy Evans
Implements [Feature #17276] Notes: Merged: Merged-By: jeremyevans <>
2020-11-18Move the declaration into the functionKazuhiro NISHIYAMA
instead of 'do not call it directly.' comment.
2020-11-18Add Fiddle 1.0.2 to NEWSSutou Kouhei
Notes: Merged: