AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-05-25* vm_eval.c (rb_f_caller): caller() method accepts second optionalko1
2012-05-25* vm.c (oldbt_init, vm_backtrace_str_ary): arg->data shouldko1
2012-05-25* trunk/ext/-test-/printf/printf.c: change function names because ofusa
2012-05-25* properties.nobu
2012-05-25* vm.c: refactoring backtrace related funcitons.ko1
2012-05-25* test/-ext-/test_printf.rb: tests for [Feature #5896].nobu
2012-05-24* enum.c (enum_count): Enumerable#count no longer uses #size whendrbrain
2012-05-24sprintf.c: inspect by plusnobu
2012-05-24* 2012-05-25svn
2012-05-24Bug #5348nobu
2012-05-24Feature #5896nobu
2012-05-24vm.c: marshal compatibilitynobu
2012-05-24vm.c: fix typonobu
2012-05-24vm.c: rb_typeddata_is_kind_ofnobu
2012-05-24vm_eval.c: fix typesnobu
2012-05-24vm.c: suppress 64-to-32 warningsnobu
2012-05-24* vm_method.c (rb_method_defined_by): removed.ko1
2012-05-24* vm.c: add RubyVM::Backtrace object (btobj).ko1
2012-05-24Fix wrong filename: enc/shift_jis.c -> string.c (r35724).naruse
2012-05-24* 2012-05-24svn
2012-05-24Bug #6487nobu
2012-05-23Ignore extconf.rb generated mkmf.logdrbrain
2012-05-23* lib/net/http/header.rb (Net::HTTPHeader#range): fix broken parser ofnaruse
2012-05-23use RB_TYPE_P() instead of comparison of TYPE()nobu
2012-05-23* win32/win32.c (finish_overlapped_socket, overlapped_socket_io):usa
2012-05-22* lib/net/http.rb: Broke up Net::HTTP into individual files.drbrain
2012-05-22* 2012-05-23svn
2012-05-22* class.c (rb_mod_init_copy): Clear the cached inspect string of adrbrain
2012-05-22remove trailing spacesnobu
2012-05-22rescue EPIPE raised from conn.print because of client's timeoutnaruse
2012-05-22* vm_core.h: add a data type rb_location_t to store iseq locationko1
2012-05-21* 2012-05-22svn
2012-05-21* struct.c (rb_struct_members): Refactoring. As Struct#members hadmame
2012-05-21OpenSSL 1.0.1 pre-beta disabled TLS v1.2 by default.naruse
2012-05-21* lib/net/ftp.rb (Net::FTP#retrbinary): close only if conn is not nilnaruse
2012-05-21Rescue exception from writing to a socket.naruse
2012-05-21lib/test/unit.rb: not override job_status optionnobu
2012-05-21* ext/syslog/syslog.c: Classify constants and macros into severalknu
2012-05-21* ext/syslog/syslog.c (mSyslog_inspect): Use rb_sprintf().knu
2012-05-21* ext/syslog/syslog.c (mSyslog_inspect): Make sure self is aknu
2012-05-21lib/test/unit.rb: simple ouput if verbosenobu
2012-05-21 * .travis.yml (install): It seems tcl/tk is skipped in Travisshyouhei
2012-05-21enc: fix dependenciesnobu
2012-05-21* lib/net/ftp.rb (Net::FTP#transfercmd): rescue shutdown.naruse
2012-05-20Shutdown gracefully.naruse
2012-05-20ext/extmk.rb: workaround for -framework optionnobu
2012-05-20* 2012-05-21svn
2012-05-20lib/test/unit.rb: not overwrite options itselfnobu
2012-05-20* ChangeLog: fix a typo.nagachika
2012-05-20ext/extmk.rb: reopen stdoutnobu