AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-07-26* define BROKEN_CLOSE only on FreeBSD.naruse
2010-07-26* vm.c (rb_thread_mark): should mark iseq itself other than normalnobu
2010-07-26* define BROKEN_CLOSE on FreeBSD.naruse
2010-07-26* 2010-07-26svn
2010-07-26* vm.c (rb_thread_mark): mark only self of normal iseqs, notnobu
2010-07-24* numeric.c (flo_cmp): honor the result of infinite? method of thenobu
2010-07-24* test/ruby/envutil.rb (EnvUtil#.suppress_warning): added.nobu
2010-07-24* test/test_mutex_m.rb: property.nobu
2010-07-23* lib/mutex_m.rb (sleep): added Mutex_m#sleep to support ConditionVariable.shugo
2010-07-23* (RUBY_MINGW32): ignore msvc suffix.nobu
2010-07-23* (RUBY_TRY_CFLAGS): try with werror turned on.nobu
2010-07-23* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): fixed out-of-boundary access at invalidnobu
2010-07-23* (XCFLAGS): reverted mistakenly removed option.nobu
2010-07-22* 2010-07-23svn
2010-07-22* complex.c (nucomp_to_i): allow complex with imaginary zero to bematz
2010-07-22* (RUBY_EXTERN): unnecessary after all.nobu
2010-07-22* thread_pthread.c (get_stack): fix memory leak; pthread_attr_destorymame
2010-07-22* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): fix broken Regexp#inspect when itnaruse
2010-07-22* include/ruby/missing.h: add prototype for ruby_close().naruse
2010-07-22* (RUBY_EXTERN): ignore invalid attribute.nobu
2010-07-22* fix for older autoconf.nobu
2010-07-22 * test/ruby/test_rubyoptions.rb (test_unused_variable): unusednobu
2010-07-22* include/ruby/{intern,io}.h: add missing prototypes.nobu
2010-07-21* (XCFLAGS): use -fvisibility=hidden if possible.nobu
2010-07-21* (RMDIR): use --ignore-fail-on-non-empty if possible.nobu
2010-07-21* (RUBY_EXTERN): FUNCTION-BODY was missing.nobu
2010-07-21* 2010-07-22svn
2010-07-21Fix signature of rb_ensure and rb_rescue to match the implementation in READM...drbrain
2010-07-21* template/ get rid of embeding an absolute path.nobu
2010-07-21Load gems properly. Fixes [ruby-core:31377]evan
2010-07-21* sprintf.c: add short documentation about named reference.naruse
2010-07-21* parse.y (local_push_gen): disable unused variable warnings innobu
2010-07-21* vm_method.c (rb_method_boundp): revert r28543, r28564.naruse
2010-07-21* lib/uri/common.rb: Have URI#route_to, URI#route_from acceptmarcandre
2010-07-21* lib/cmath.rb (CMath#cbrt): cbrt should accept a negative realmame
2010-07-21* lib/uri/common.rb: Have URI() and URI.join accept URI objects in additionmarcandre
2010-07-21* util.c (ruby_hdtoa): renamed from BSD__hdtoa.nobu
2010-07-20Be sure to load the custom require even if --disable-rubygems was usedevan
2010-07-20* 2010-07-21svn
2010-07-20Pull rubygem's custom require into gem_preludeevan
2010-07-20* ext/json/generator/generator.c (fbuffer_free): removed unused function.nobu
2010-07-20* include/ruby/ruby.h (RSTRING_GETMEM): new macro to get ptr andnobu
2010-07-20* ext/fiddle/closure.c (closure_data_type),nobu
2010-07-20* gc.c: don't call after_gc_sweep() after when garbage_collect()nari
2010-07-20* ext/socket/raddrinfo.c (rb_getaddrinfo): according to my valgrind output th...shyouhei
2010-07-20* io.c (io_flush_buffer): write and buffer operations should benobu
2010-07-20* 2010-07-20svn
2010-07-20* lib/fileutils.rb (FileUtils::Entry_#copy): check file namenobu
2010-07-19update doc.akr
2010-07-19* ext/pathname/pathname.c (get_strpath): check the type.akr