AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-05-24fix a typokazu
2013-05-24* ext/fiddle/fiddle.c: fix typo in fiddle doc [Bug #8412]charliesome
2013-05-24* variable.c (set_const_visibility): use rb_frame_this_func() insteadcharliesome
2013-05-24* gc.c: do major/full GC when:ko1
2013-05-24* intern.h: remove dangling rb_class_init_copy declarationcharliesome
2013-05-24* ext/strscan/strscan.c (strscan_aref): raise error if givennaruse
2013-05-24io/console: rdocnobu
2013-05-24rename generic io modulesnobu
2013-05-24* gc.c (after_gc_sweep, garbage_collect_body): do major GC (full GC)ko1
2013-05-24Disable clang on travis because it causes many false negativenaruse no runtime path to -Lnobu
2013-05-23reapply r40839 [Fixes GH-316]zzak
2013-05-23* object.c (rb_obj_clone): should not propagate OLDGEN status.ko1
2013-05-23fix a typokazu
2013-05-23* 2013-05-24svn
2013-05-23extmk.rb: don't duplicatenobu
2013-05-23Add a comment.akr
2013-05-23load.c: fix invalid readnobu
2013-05-23gc.c: revert r40898nobu
2013-05-23 * gc.c: do not dump the last recordnobu
2013-05-23revert forwardable rdoc patch for demozzak
2013-05-23* test/ruby/test_io.rb (TestIO#test_write_32bit_boundary): HFS+ seemsnobu
2013-05-23* 2013-05-23svn
2013-05-23test_io.rb: test for writenobu
2013-05-22Add NEWS for r40879: Digest::Class.filenaruse
2013-05-22Fix test failure of binmode from r40879naruse
2013-05-22* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): show name of class and module.nobu
2013-05-22* vm_dump.c (rb_vm_bugreport): limit class name length.nobu
2013-05-22gc.c: use size_t and no header if next_index == 0nobu
2013-05-22win32.c: check error of SetFilePointernobu
2013-05-22win32.c: extract setup_overlapped and finish_overlappednobu
2013-05-22* gc.c (gc_prepare_free_objects, rest_sweep, lazy_sweep): fix positionko1
2013-05-21* 2013-05-22svn
2013-05-21* gc.c (garbage_collect): all GC is start from garbage_collect()ko1
2013-05-21Update doc.akr
2013-05-21Add NEWS about r40881, StringScanner#[] supports named captures.naruse
2013-05-21* ext/strscan/strscan.c (strscan_aref): support named captures.naruse
2013-05-21* test/ruby/test_dir_m17n.rb (TestDir_M17N#test_entries_compose):kou
2013-05-21* ext/digest/lib/digest.rb (Digest::Class.file): Take optionalknu
2013-05-21* gc.c: remove gc_profile_record::is_marked. always true.ko1
2013-05-21* gc.c: fix to collect additional information for GC::Profiler.ko1
2013-05-21* gc.c: GC::Profiler's sweeping time is accumulated all slotko1
2013-05-21test_dir_m17n.rb: sort Dir.entriesnobu
2013-05-21* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-21* properties.nobu
2013-05-21* (rdoc-bench): add a benchmark ruleko1
2013-05-21* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-05-21* gc.c (gc_profile_dump_on): `count' should be (int) because itko1
2013-05-21force_encoding expected result as filesystem encodingnaruse
2013-05-20dir.c: compose HFS file namesnobu