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2006-01-16* ext/syck/emitter.c (syck_emit_seq, syck_emit_map, syck_emit_item):ocean
2006-01-13* io.c (READ_DATA_PENDING, READ_DATA_PENDING_COUNT): definedakr
2006-01-13* file.c (rb_file_s_chmod): avoid warning where sizeof(int) !=ocean
2006-01-13* 2006-01-14eban
2006-01-13Tue Jan 11 15:00:00 2006 Ville Mattila <>akr
2006-01-13* lib/rdoc/diagram.rb:ocean
2006-01-12* 2006-01-12eban
2006-01-12* ext/tk/sample/tkballoonhelp.rb: [bug fix] couldn't add to a widgetnagai
2006-01-10bit more explanation for previous change.akr
2006-01-10* gc.c (garbage_collect): mark ruby_current_node.akr
2006-01-10Commit miss again.ocean
2006-01-10Sorry, commit miss.ocean
2006-01-10* ext/syck/rubyext.c (syck_resolver_transfer): should be able to loadocean
2006-01-10* 2006-01-10eban
2006-01-10* lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb (Fixnum): Bignum could not be loaded inocean
2006-01-10* lib/yaml/rubytypes.rb (Symbol#yaml_new): YAML loading of quotedocean
2006-01-09* ext/zlib/extconf.rb: zlib compiled DLL version 1.2.3 distributed byocean
2006-01-09* 2006-01-09eban
2006-01-09* win32/Makefile.sub (OPTFLAGS): I have experienced trouble on y- flag,ocean
2006-01-07* 2006-01-07eban
2006-01-07* parse.y (singleton): get rid of segfault on syntax error.nobu
2006-01-06* 2006-01-06usa
2006-01-06* win32/win32.c (ioinfo): revert previous commit. sorry.usa
2006-01-05* 2006-01-05usa
2006-01-05* win32/win32.c (ioinfo): VC++8 support, forgotten to commit.usa
2006-01-01no messageocean
2006-01-01* 2006-01-01eban
2006-01-01* win32/win32.c (rb_w32_seekdir): should not segfault even if passedocean
2006-01-01This commit was manufactured by cvs2svn to create branch 'ruby_1_8'.(no author)
2005-12-31* eval.c (rb_thread_save_context): should not recycle scope object usednobu
2005-12-30* 2005-12-31eban
2005-12-30All of the tickets and issues mentioned in this log can be found at:ser
2005-12-30* win32/Makefile.sub: VC++8 support.nobu
2005-12-30* gc.c (garbage_collect): mark objects refered from aborting threads.nobu
2005-12-30* dir.c (glob_helper): do not use TRUE for djgpp.eban
2005-12-29* file.c (eaccess): workaround for VC++8 runtime.usa
2005-12-29declare rb_gc_abort_threads.akr
2005-12-29avoid a GC problem with RUBY_ALWAYS_GC= ./ruby -e ''.akr
2005-12-29* 2005-12-30eban
2005-12-29* eval.c (rb_gc_mark_threads): leave unmarked threads which won't wakenobu
2005-12-29* 2005-12-29eban
2005-12-29* test/ruby/envutil.rb (EnvUtil.rubybin): search "ruby" instead ofakr
2005-12-27* 2005-12-27eban
2005-12-26* ext/openssl/lib/openssl/ssl.rb (OpenSSL::SSL::SSLSocket#post_connection_che...gotoyuzo
2005-12-26* eval.c (rb_eval), gc.c (gc_mark_children), node.h (NEW_ALIAS,nobu
2005-12-26* 2005-12-26eban
2005-12-26* eval.c (ev_const_get): fixed a bug in constant reference duringmatz
2005-12-24* stable version 1.8.4 released.matz
2005-12-22* version.h: 2005-12-22 (1.8.4 preview3)matz
2005-12-22* array.c: document fix - remove reference of obsoletedmatz