AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2002-05-01Catch the exception SystemExit in extconf.rb.ttate
2002-05-01* numeric.c (num_step): better iteration condition for floatmatz
2002-05-01L641: rb_float_new(*((float*)ptr)) -> rb_float_new(*((double*)ptr)).ttate
2002-04-28* win32/win32.c (insert): fix prototype for ANSI C.eban
2002-04-26ext/dl/ptr.c: missing break in switch statements.ttate
2002-04-26ANSI C requires a named argument before `...'nobu
2002-04-26* eval.c (rb_proc_new): make Proc from C function. [new]nobu
2002-04-25* various files: macro fix-up by Michal Rokos.matz
2002-04-24discarded unused parametergotoken
2002-04-24* eval.c (proc_to_proc): return self. [new]nobu
2002-04-24* set size of the initial stack fromeban
2002-04-24* numeric.c (num_step): try to reduce residual on Float operations.matz
2002-04-24* gc.c (init_GC): typo fix(rb_exc_new -> rb_exc_new2).eban
2002-04-24* io.c (rb_io_mode_flags): both 'r+b' and 'rb+' should be allowed.matz
2002-04-23* ext/stringio/stringio.c (strio_mark): must check if ptr is NULLnobu
2002-04-23* ext/ (create_makefile): use `{$(srcdir)}' directive insteadusa
2002-04-21* AC_INIT should take no argument.eban
2002-04-20Add a sample which shows how to deal with C++ libraries.ttate
2002-04-19* win32/Makefile.sub: add -DNT to $CFLAGS instead of $CPPFLAGS.usa
2002-04-19* version 0.0 -> 1.7.2.eban
2002-04-19* cleanup for autoconf 2.5x.eban
2002-04-19* win32/win32.c: include <mswsock.h> on __MINGW32__.eban
2002-04-19* ext/socket/extconf.rb: include <windows.h>, <winsock.h> on _WIN32.eban
2002-04-19* re.c (rb_reg_to_s): remove redundant shy group.nobu
2002-04-19* eval.c (rb_thread_cleanup): current thread may be THREAD_STOPPED,matz
2002-04-19ext/dl/ptr.c: remove rb_dlptr_cast().ttate
2002-04-18* re.c (rb_reg_expr_str): should treat backslash specially inmatz
2002-04-18* re.c (rb_reg_to_s): new function for Regexp#to_s.akr
2002-04-18copied from ext/etc.nobu
2002-04-18modify document.akr
2002-04-17* ext/Setup*, ext/bigfloat/*: Back out the import of BigFloat inknu
2002-04-16* eval.c (assign): convert mrhs to mvalue.nobu
2002-04-15* pack.c (pack_unpack): should treat 'U' in character unit, not inmatz
2002-04-14Edit the documentation.ttate
2002-04-12* struct.c (rb_struct_select): fix typo.matz
2002-04-12* add check for initstate(3).eban
2002-04-12* win32/Makefile.sub: use missing/acosh.c.usa
2002-04-11should be HAVE_TANHnobu
2002-04-11* random.c (rand_init): add check for initstate(3).eban
2002-04-11* io.c (remain_size): IO#read returns "" if file.size == 0.eban
2002-04-11* eval.c (assign): ruby_verbose should be surrounded by RTEST().matz