AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-07-31* lib/uri/common.rb (URI.decode_www_form_component):sorah
2013-07-31show errno on FiberError ref #8711naruse
2013-07-31* string.c (rb_str_rindex): performance improvement by usingglass
2013-07-31* string.c (rb_str_rindex): refactoring and avoid to call str_nth() ifglass
2013-07-31Show /proc/meminfo on NoMemoryError ref #8711naruse
2013-07-31Add a reference to the related issue.knu
2013-07-31* lib/set.rb: [DOC] Add a couple of notes on Hash as storage.knu
2013-07-31* lib/set.rb: [DOC] Fix example result. Hash is now ordered.knu
2013-07-31Use the term "sorted" instead "ordered" when mentioning SortSet.knu
2013-07-31* bignum.c (big2str_struct): New structure.akr
2013-07-31add github url to changelog for r42260zzak
2013-07-31* lib/rubygems.rb: [DOC] typo in url patch by @Red54 [Fixes #369]zzak
2013-07-30* remove trailing spaces.nobu
2013-07-30* 2013-07-31svn
2013-07-30* lib/rubygems: Import RubyGems from master as of commit 523551cdrbrain
2013-07-30* test/ruby/test_hash.rb: add a test for enumeration order of
2013-07-30rescue NoMemoryErrornaruse
2013-07-30Add some more tests.knu
2013-07-30Add Set#intersect? and #disjoint?.knu
2013-07-30remove duplicated entrykazu
2013-07-30sprintf.c: QUOTE flagnobu
2013-07-30remove debugging raise in previous commitnaruse
2013-07-30Show ObjectSpace.count_objects to debug NoMemoryErrornaruse
2013-07-30* ext/curses/extconf.rb: [DOC] nodoc to reduce Object pollutionzzak
2013-07-30skip if ENV['USER'] is nilnaruse
2013-07-29* 2013-07-30svn
2013-07-29* sizes.c (Init_sizes): Define sizes only if the type actually exists.akr
2013-07-29sizes.c: RbConfig::SIZEOFnobu
2013-07-29* properties.nobu
2013-07-29* test/ruby/test_hash.rb: use @cls.nobu
2013-07-29* ext/curses/curses.c: [DOC] Update location of sampleszzak
2013-07-29* bignum.c (LOG2_KARATSUBA_BIG2STR_DIGITS): Renamed fromakr
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id): add function
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_compare_by_id): don't call rb_hash_rehash()glass
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): performance improvement by replacingglass
2013-07-29Add a frozenness check test for Enumerator::Lazy#initialize.knu
2013-07-29Update ChangeLog.knu
2013-07-29Add a frozenness check to Enumerator::Generator#initialize.knu
2013-07-29Add a frozenness check to Enumerator#initialize.knu
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): revert r42224. table->type->compare isglass
2013-07-29parse.y, vm_eval.c: file encoding in evalnobu
2013-07-29parse.y, vm_eval.c: file encoding in evalnobu
2013-07-29hash.c: copied identhashnobu
2013-07-29ChangeLog: commit missnobu
2013-07-29hash.c: copied identhashnobu
2013-07-29hash.c: clear before copynobu
2013-07-29hash.c: copy memberwisenobu
2013-07-29* hash.c (rb_hash_assoc): performance improvement by replacingglass
2013-07-29mkmf.rb: expand all macrosnobu
2013-07-29vm_eval.c: fix argument typenobu