AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-12Update dependencies, internal.h includes ruby.hnobu
2019-02-12Skip erb files, idirect prerequisitesnobu
2019-02-12Replace versioned Unicode header paths with UNICODE_HDR_DIRnobu
2019-02-12fix empty Hash memsize.ko1
2019-02-11* 2019-02-12svn
2019-02-11Accept a third value for NaNs, as produced by the Sun Studio C Compilereregon
2019-02-11Use $(hdrdir) for include/ruby.h, as well as r67033nobu
2019-02-11io.c: remove unused variable and fix typoglass
2019-02-11* 2019-02-11svn
2019-02-11io.c: check HAVE_FCOPYFILEglass
2019-02-10random.c: unify syscall with getrandomnobu
2019-02-10* 2019-02-10svn
2019-02-10* expand tabs.svn
2019-02-10random.c: use getrandom() if
2019-02-09new constant: Process::CLOCK_TAI.akr
2019-02-09* 2019-02-09svn
2019-02-09make-snapshot: try downloading Unicode filesnobu
2019-02-08enum.c: [DOC] tally does not take a blocknobu
2019-02-08make-snapshot: try downloading Unicode filesnobu
2019-02-08Call DRb.start_service with setup/teardownnaruse check finite,isinf,isnan as macros firstnobu
2019-02-08Use assert_syntax_errornobu
2019-02-08Suppress warning [Feature #15575]nobu
2019-02-08Removed moving toplevel header since r12501nobu
2019-02-07Replace outdated blockless proc call with block argument syntaxheadius
2019-02-07Fix specs for yield in singleton class being deprecatederegon
2019-02-07Update to ruby/spec@6cf8ebeeregon
2019-02-07* 2019-02-08svn
2019-02-07Update to ruby/mspec@231e2ceeregon
2019-02-07appveyor.yml: retry zlib downloadsk0kubun
2019-02-07test_rinda.rb: give up stabilizing this testk0kubun
2019-02-07Update Unicode filesnobu
2019-02-07Split procstat_vm.cnobu
2019-02-07Split mt19937.cnobu
2019-02-07Split dtoa.cnobu
2019-02-07* expand tabs.svn
2019-02-07enum.c: Enumerable#tallynobu
2019-02-07enum.c: hosited out enum_hashifynobu
2019-02-07* string.c (chopped_length): early return for empty stringsnobu
2019-02-07* 2019-02-07svn
2019-02-07tool/test/test_jisx0208.rb: Use `require_relative`kazu
2019-02-06* 2019-02-06svn allow brace expansion for benchmark targetsnobu
2019-02-05test_rinda.rb: extend timeout of wait_for as wellk0kubun
2019-02-05Make sure to wait with before using Socket#accept_nonblock and recv...eregon
2019-02-05Make sure to wait with before using Socket#recvfrom_nonblockeregon
2019-02-05Pass the Array from select() to Socket.udp_server_recveregon
2019-02-05README.win32: [DOC] added modeline [ci skip]nobu
2019-02-05* properties.svn
2019-02-05Ignore to add bundler lib direcotry if it is same as rubylibdir.hsbt