AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-07-04vm.c: reduce branches for always-set VM fieldsnormal
2015-07-03* remove trailing spaces.svn
2015-07-03* method.h: introduce rb_callable_method_entry_t to removeko1
2015-07-03* lib/cmath.rb: shouldn't use non-ASCII characters in documentation. as ausa
2015-07-03file.c: _wfreopen_s on mingwnobu
2015-07-03transcode.c: empty encoding namenobu
2015-07-02object.c: fix up r51039nobu
2015-07-02* properties.svn
2015-07-02delay `exception: false' checks for minor speedupnormal
2015-07-02* 2015-07-03svn
2015-07-02dir.c: set errnonobu
2015-07-02fix typos [ci skip]kazu
2015-07-02dir.c: show warningsnobu
2015-07-02* gc.c: remove `#define RGENGC_OBJ_INFO 1' line introduced toko1
2015-07-02* gc.c (rb_raw_obj_info): separated from rb_obj_info().ko1
2015-07-02dir.c: update path typenobu
2015-07-02* st.c: get rid of VC++'s warnings of C4700 (uninitialized localusa
2015-07-02rubygems.rb: use @gem_prelude_indexnobu
2015-07-02ruby.c: copy initial load path marksnobu
2015-07-02revert r51101nobu
2015-07-02skip test_dash_i_beats_gemsnobu
2015-07-02test_gem_server.rb: Don't specify port numbernobu
2015-07-02* test/rubygems/test_gem_specification.rb: skip tests which theusa
2015-07-02fix redefinitionsnobu
2015-07-02socket: memoize common socket families in fptr->modenormal
2015-07-02* lib/rubygems/resolver.rb: fixed NameError of Gem::Util::NULL_DEVICE.hsbt
2015-07-02* lib/rubygems/resolver.rb: fix error of null device reference with DOSISHhsbt
2015-07-01* properties.svn
2015-07-01* 2015-07-02svn
2015-07-01* lib/rubygems: Update to RubyGems HEAD(c202db2).hsbt
2015-07-01fix a failure without zlibkazu
2015-07-01vm_method.c: remove unused codenobu
2015-07-01vm_method.c: no NOEX macrosnobu
2015-07-01method.h: update argument checksnobu
2015-07-01vm_method.c: orignial visibilitiesnobu
2015-07-01test_object.rb: use assert_separatelynobu
2015-07-01struct.c: AREF_HASH_UNIT enumnobu
2015-07-01struct.c: AREF_HASH_THRESHOLD enumnobu
2015-07-01* Add test for Enumerable#none? [fix GH-950] Patch by @yui-knkhsbt
2015-07-01struct.c: hide internal objectsnobu
2015-07-01struct.c: fix implicit conversionsnobu
2015-06-30* struct.c (struct_member_pos): avoid implicit conversion losesnaruse
2015-06-30move RB_GC_GUARD responsibility to rb_add_method_iseqnormal
2015-06-30* 2015-07-01svn
2015-06-30struct.c: speedup for big structsnormal
2015-06-30io.c: remove unnecessary sharednobu
2015-06-30ensure paths NUL-terminatednobu
2015-06-30file.c: not xfreenobu
2015-06-30* win32/file.c (rb_freopen): remove debug code.usa
2015-06-30* win32/file.c (rb_freopen): need to terminate by NUL.usa