AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-03-28struct.c: not_a_member messagenobu
2014-03-28.gdbinit (rp): dump T_SYMBOLnobu
2014-03-28string.c: infect match resultnobu
2014-03-28string.c: backref substitutionnobu
2014-03-28string.c: unset $~ if unmatchnobu
2014-03-28revert r45417naruse
2014-03-28revert r45417naruse
2014-03-28* ext/psych/psych.gemspec: update gemspec for psych-2.0.5hsbt
2014-03-28* 2014-03-28svn
2014-03-28* ext/psych/lib/psych.rb: Merge psych-2.0.5. bump version tohsbt
2014-03-27string.c: suppress warningsnobu
2014-03-27string.c: search by rb_str_indexnobu
2014-03-27string.c: mustnot_brokennobu
2014-03-27re.c: class name encodingnobu
2014-03-27test_m17n_comb.rb: refine assertionsnobu
2014-03-27[DOC] Fix NEWS about Symbol GCnari
2014-03-27string.c: invert flagnobu
2014-03-27* addr2line.c (fill_lines): check shdr[i].sh_type because even ifnaruse
2014-03-27re.c: indentnobu
2014-03-27parse.y: type-punning castnobu
2014-03-26* 2014-03-27svn
2014-03-26temporally change for powerpc64-linux fc18naruse
2014-03-26[DOC] Add NEWS about Symbol GCnari
2014-03-26parse.y: set encodingnobu
2014-03-26encoding.c: fix encoding of dynsymnobu
2014-03-26remove break because strtab/symtab is usually the last segmentnaruse
2014-03-26encoding.c: enc_capable symbolnobu
2014-03-26temporaly show sym->st_name and so onnaruse
2014-03-26parse.y: fix rb_str_symname_type callnobu
2014-03-26* parse.y (rb_str_dynamic_intern): fix commit miss.nobu
2014-03-26parse.y: guard dup stringnobu
2014-03-26parse.y: dup iff needednobu
2014-03-26parse.y: no dup US-ASCII stringnobu
2014-03-26* parse.y: inline must be static (for mswin).usa
2014-03-26* internal.h (USE_SYMBOL_GC): enable Symbol GC by default (USE_SYMBOL_GC == 1).nari
2014-03-26cast to int to silence clang compile errornari
2014-03-26* parse.y: support Symbol GC. [ruby-trunk Feature #9634]nari
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (fill_lines): loop reverse order not to overwritenaruse
2014-03-26marshal.c: undumpable hidden objectsnobu
2014-03-26thread.c: undumpablenobu
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (follow_debuglink): show message if it closes openednaruse
2014-03-26* addr2line.c (fill_line): pass and use offset instead ofnaruse
2014-03-26add feature number to ChangeLog entrykanemoto
2014-03-26add --disable-pie option to configurekanemoto
2014-03-26don't write _start as is; use dlsymnaruse
2014-03-25temporaly change/add to debug on powerpc64-linuxnaruse
2014-03-25* addr2line.c (fill_lines): don't run fill_lines multiple times.naruse
2014-03-25* internal.h (rb_reg_search0): not a public API.nobu
2014-03-25Stop allocating backref strings within gsub's search loopcharliesome
2014-03-25lib/rubygem.rb: Weirichnobu